Adding a Paper Degree Application 21v

Purpose:  Use  this  document as a reference for how to add a paper degree application in ctcLink

Audience: Student Services   Staff

Students can submit their graduation applications in the Student Center, but there may be groups that need to submit paper applications, use this process to input the paper degree application.

Main Menu → Records and Enrollment → Career and Program Information → Student Program/Plan

  1. Look Up Student by ID or Name
  1. Click the Include History button
  2. Click the + sign
  3. Enter the Effective Date for the application being added
  1. Insert Program Action: DATA
  2. Click on the Student Degrees tab
  3. Change the Degree Stat to Applied
  4. Click Save
  5. Users can repeat steps to continue to update the Degree Checkout Status based on college decision on how use the codes for the degree evaluation process. 
  1. Degree Checkout statuses of Approved and Awarded should only be used with a COMP program action and when the degree is completed.


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