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Enrolling Individual Students, Bypassing Enrollment Rules 21h

Purpose: Use this document a sa reference for enrolling individual students, bypassing enrollment rules in ctcLink.

Audience: Student Records Staff

Note: This should only be done in cases where enrollment changes cannot be processed in another way as it will not trigger connecting processes or warnings and could impact Student Financials and/or Financial Aid.

Navigation: Main Menu > Records and Enrollment >  Enroll Students  Enrollment

  1. On the Enrollment search page, enter relevant search information.
  2. Click the Search button.
  1. On the Student Enrollment 1 tab:

a.  If student is already enrolled in other courses, click the “+” sign to add additional courses.

b.  Class NBR: enter or lookup the class number.

c.  Action: to add a class the action is “Manual Add” however this page can also be used to drop and add grade information.

Note: This will bypass all enrollment rules and requirements and should be used only when the action cannot be processed using the Quick Enrollment or Enrollment request pages.

  1. Saving this page posts the enrollment transaction to the student’s enrollment record.
Student Enrollment 1 tab
  1. The Student Enrollment 2 tab is used to view and update date information for enrollment transactions.

Note: Enrollment add and drop dates impact Student Financials and Financial Aid. When processing an enrollment using this page, be sure to adjust the date appropriately.

Student Enrollment 2 tab
  1. Click the Student Enrollment 3 tab to add a Transcript Note (if applicable).
Student Enrollment 3 tab
  1. Click the Student Enrollment 4 tab to designate Requirement Designations and independent study Instructor ID if appropriate.
Student Enrollment 4 tab
  1. Click the Last Enrollment Action tab to view information about the last enrollment action processed on a student’s record.
  1. Click Save.


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