Maintaining Student's Academic Program

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for Maintaining   Academic Programs in ctcLink.

Audience: Student Records Staff

Main Menu → Records and Enrollment → Career and Program Information → Student Program/Plan

  1. On the Student Program/Plan page, enter the appropriate search criteria.
  2. Click the Search button.
  3. If multiple records are returned, select the appropriate student ID.
  4. A student may return multiple program rows in the Search. If so, select the appropriate record by confirming the appropriate Student Career Nbr, Academic Career and Program.
  1. On the Student Program tab, actions can be taken on the student program record. Individual institutions will vary on the use of specific codes. Refer to the table included at the end of this document and local business process for guidelines on these actions.
  2. To take an action on a program record, click the plus sign on the top right of the page.

a.  All new rows are effective dated, and may need to be back dated or future dated based on subsequent actions on that record in the system.

b.  To update information on other tabs, a row needs to be added to the Student Program tab with the appropriate program action. Adding a row on this tab will insert a new effective dated row for all tabs.

Note: It is best practice to click the Include History button before inserting a row on this page.

c.  To delete an academic row, click the minus sign on the top right of the page.

o  Correct History access is required to remove a row. This is not common and caution should be taken in deleting historical data.

Note: The Program/Plan page has connections to Student Financials and Student Financial Aid, any changes on this page can impact other functional areas.

7.The Student Plan tab is used to update the Academic plan code.


a.  Changes made on the Student Plan tab require creation of a new row on the Student Program tab with a PLNC (Plan Change program action code).

i.  To change an academic plan, overwrite the existing code on the student plan tab.

ii.  To add an academic plan, click the + sign on the Student Plan tab.

iii.  To delete an academic plan, click the minus sign to the right of the row on the student plan tab.

  1. Student Sub-Plan tab is not currently being used.
  2. There is a separate QRG for updating Student Attributes.
  3. The Student Degrees tab is only used for program completion, see the QRG for Awarding a student degree
  4. Click the Save button.



Status Change




Active in Program

A student is ready either to enroll in a term or to be evaluated for transfer credit.


Admissions Revocation


A person was admitted into an academic program, but it was later determined that the person did not qualify for admission.


Completion of Program

Completed Program

A student has completed the program.


Data Change

No Impact

Data relative to a student's program, plan, or career status was changed.


Defer Enrollment

Active in Program

A person has been admitted, and may be active for one admit term, but will actually enroll in a later admit term. This action lets you change the admit term for the applicant and record that they are deferring enrollment.




A student discontinues attendance. Post the withdrawal on the student Withdrawal page.




A student is dismissed from the academic institution. Post the withdrawal on the student Withdrawal page.



Active in Program

A person has completed all necessary steps to become an active student in an academic program.


Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence

A student takes a leave of absence from his program.


Plan Change

Active in Program

Used to update the student plan code on the student plan tab.



Active in Program

A person has applied to reenter a student career and academic program for which they already have a student record.



Active in Program

Revoke a student's degree. The system automatically updates the student degree tables. Revoked degrees do not appear on the student transcript.


Return from Leave of Absence

Active in Program

A student returns from a leave of absence.




A student is suspended from your academic institution. Post a withdrawal on the student Withdrawal page.


Transfer to Other Career

Completed Program

A student makes an inter-career transfer.


Administrative Withdrawal


A student is withdrawn for administrative reasons.


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