Entering Transcript Text 21r

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to enter Transcript Text in ctcLink.

Audience: Student Records staff

Navigation: Main Menu > Records & Enrollment >Transcripts > Transcript Text

  1. Enter the student’s ID then click the Search button.
Transcript Text page ID and Search button
  1. If the student has multiple program/plan stacks, select the applicable Student Career Nbr.
Search Results page
  1. Select the applicable Relative Position and Print Location where the transcript text will appear.
Transcript Text page Revative Position and Print Location

*Note: Due to system configuration, not all locations print on transcripts. Depending on the location chosen, additional fields may open for selection. Refer to the table below.

Print Location Additional Field (* indicates required)
Degrees - Local *Degree Nbr
Milestones *Milestone Nbr
Enrollment *Term
Term Honors
Term Statistics
Transfer Credit – Courses *Model Nbr
Transfer Credit – Others
Transfer Credit – Tests
Cumulative Stats N/A
Student Personal Data
Transcript Print Date
  1. Select Official from the Transcript Level drop-down.
Transcript Level field
  1. In the Transcript Report section, enter the applicable Transcript Text.
Transcript Text box
  1. Click the Save button.
  2. Generate the student’s transcript to ensure the text appears where desired. Refer to the Viewing and Printing Student Transcript QRG.


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