Processing Other Transfer Credit - Manual 21j

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for processing transfer credit models in ctcLink.

Audience: Student Records staff

Other credit may only be used for awarding academic credit for prior learning or TechPrep.

Main Menu → Records and Enrollment → Transfer Credit Evaluation → Other Credits – Manual

  1. On the Other Credits page, click the Add a New Value tab.
  2. Enter or lookup the ID.
  3. Select the Academic Career from the dropdown list.
  4. Enter the appropriate Academic Institution.
  5. Click the Add button.
Other Credits page
  1. On the Other Credit Detail tab enter the Transcript Level (Typically Official but can be adjusted as needed).
  2. Enter or look up the Academic Program.
  3. Enter or look up the Academic Plan (Optional)
  4. Enter or look up the Articulation Term.

The student must be Term Activated in the program and articulation term selected for the credits to post.

  1. After entering all information, click the Edit Equivalent Course button.
  1. On the Equivalent Course Information page, enter the credit and course information.
    1. The Other Credit section identifies the incoming credit.
      1. Enter "Prior Learning Assessment" for all Academic Credit for Prior Learning
      2. Enter "Tech Prep" for all Tech Prep Credits awarded
    2. In the Short Desc
      1. Enter "ACPL" for all Academic Credit for Prior Learning
      2. Enter "TP" for Tech Prep credits awarded
    3. In the Long Description
      1. Enter the Descrtiption below for all Academic Credit for Prior Learning
      2. Enter "Tech Prep" for Tech Prep credits awarded

Prior Experiential Learning

Code Description

PLA-PR Portfolio Review

PLA-HSPR HS21 + Portfolio Review

Extra-Institutional Learning

Code Description

PLA-CRT Individual Industry Certification

PLA-OCW Occupational Crosswalks

PLA-ACE American Council on Education

PLA-JST Joint Services Transcript

Course Challenges

Code Description

PLA-CLG Credit by Exam

  1. Select the  Other Credit Type code from the list to match the description entered in the step above
  2. Enter the Evaluation Date
  1. The Equivalent Course section identifies the course that the student is be granted an equivalent for.
    1. Enter or lookup the Course ID. This populates the other fields based on the catalog but can be adjusted as needed based on local business process.
    2. Select the Include in FA WI Stats checkbox as appropriate for the courses.
    3. Click the OK button.

Marking the FA WI Status box includes the courses in the Financial Aid Weeks of instruction calculations.  These values are used by the Financial Aid Term process to calculate the student's academic level.

  1. Additional courses can be added for that articulation term by clicking the “+” sign shown below
  1. Additional courses can be added for different articulation terms by clicking the “+” sign shown below
  1. After all Articulation terms and courses have been added, click the Other Credit by Term tab.
  1. Click the Calculate button to calculate the student’s transfer credit statistics.
  2. Click the Post button; this will automatically save the page.
  3. Verify the Model Status as “Posted”, credits in “Completed” status will not post to the student transcript or calculate in the student’s statistics.

Model status will go to Completed status if the student is not Term Activated for the articulation term selected


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