Viewing and Modifying Degree Data 21v

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for verifying and modifying degree data in ctcLink.

Audience: Student Records staff

Verifying Degree Data

Navigation: Main Menu → Records and Enrollment → Graduation → Student Degrees

Note: Much of the data on the Student Degree page is populated from the Student Program/Plan page.  The navigation for that page is Main Menu → Records and Enrollment → Career and Program Information → Student Program/Plan

  1. On the Student Degrees page, either enter the student ID in the ID field, or search by name.
  2. Click the Search button.
  3. The Degree tab shows information based on data entered on the Program/Plan page.  That data was entered when the student degree was awarded.  Edit as needed.

Note: Updating information on this page will not update the Program/Plan page.  Please see information on Revoking a Degree to remove all completion information.

  1. Click the Degree Honors tab.
  1. Information has defaulted in based on the Honors Code assigned on the Program/Plan page. Edit as needed (e.g. if honors was not added when the completion process was done).
  2. Click the Degree Plan tab.
  1. Information has defaulted in based on the Plan Code assigned on the Program/Plan page.  Edit as needed.
  2. If the Transcript or Diploma Description needs to be updated, click the Override box to open an editable description field.
  1. Degree Sub-Plans are not currently being used but this information also populates based on values from the Program/Plan page.Click Save.


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