Assigning a Milestone to a Group of Students 07b

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to assign a milestone to a group of students in ctcLink.

Audience: Registration staff

Navigation:  Main Menu > Records and Enrollment > Enroll Students > Process Milestones

  1. Use the Find an Existing Value tab to search for an existing Run Control ID, or create a new one.
    1. To create a new Run Control:
    2. Select the Add a New Value tab.
      1. Enter a unique Run Control ID.
      2. Select Add.
Process Milestones Add a New Value tab
  1. On the Process Milestones page input the following (required fields are identified with a *)
    1. *Academic Institution
    2. *Academic Career
    3. Academic Program
    4. Academic Plan
    5. Effective Date
      1. This will be the effective date on the student's milestone record
Process Milestones page
  1. Select a Process Action based on the population selected in steps below
    1. Delete Milestone: This will remove the specified milestone from the records
    2. Insert Milestones: This will add a new Milestone to the student's record
    3. Insert/Update Milestones:  This will update or add an existing milestone
    4. Update Milestone: This will update an exisiting milestone
Process Action - Population Selection
  1. Duplicate Milestone Options: The process looks for duplicates at the Milestone code or the Milestone Level code
  2. Process Duplicate Milestone: Select this check box to indicate that if duplicate milestones are found they should be inserted/updated based on the process action selected in the step above.
Process Milestones Duplicate Milestone Options
  1. Population Selection: Milestones can be assigned via query or external file load, if users want to manually identify the list of students for milestone assignment, use Student Select List instead of Population Selection as shown in the step below
    1. PS Query
      1. If using PS Query, look up or enter the Query Name and click Edit Prompts to edit any prompts in the selected query.
      2. Select Launch Query Manager or Preview Selection Results to view query or query results to validate students prior to running the process.
Population Selection PS Query

       b.  External File

               I.  Upload a .CSV file with student information.

Population Selection External File

               II.  File Mapping: After uploading the file in .CSV format. You will need to create File Mapping which is a unique definition to be linked to the file. You can use any naming convention for the File Mapping.

Check mark the Header Row box and identify the header row (typically 1). Leave the rest of the fields as is. Enter 1 in the Field Number for ID (this could be any column according to your file format).

Population Selection File Map
  1. Student Select: Student can also be identified without a query or external file
    1. Use the "+" or "-" to add students as needed
Student Select List
  1. In the Milestone Detail section, enter the Milestone details to be populated to the student's record
    1. Details are selected based on the Milestone needs for the student population selected
Milestone Detail page
  1. Select the Run button.
  2. On the Process Scheduler Request, select the OK button.
Process Scheduler Request page
  1. Select the Process Monitor Link
Process Monitor link
  1. Continue to select Refresh to update the Run Status until it shows "Success".
  1. Select Details and then View Log/Trace to view the student processed
  2. Users can also verify Milestone additions/changes on the Student Milestones page

Main Menu > Records and Enrollment > Enroll Students > Student Milestones

Process Detail View Log/Trace link
View Log/Trace File List


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