Using Graduation Processing to Update Checkout Status 21v

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for using the graduation report in ctcLink.

Audience: Student Records staff

Navigation: Main Menu > Records and Enrollment > Graduation > Graduation Processing

Use this page to update the degree checkout status for a group of students.

  1. Search for an existing run control or click Add a New Value.

a.  Enter a run control for this process and click Add.

  1. Select the Select Population checkbox.

a.  Academic Institution: Select from dropdown.

b.  Academic Career: Select from dropdown.

  1. Select the Population Selection checkbox.

a.  Selection Tool: PS Query.

b.  Query Name: Input or Look Up.

c.  Edit prompt link: If the query selected has prompts you will need to input parameters and click OK.

d.  Various queries have been created for this purpose, use the other query links to view the query or preview selection results.

  1. Once completed, click the Load Selection Results link to populate the list of students to be updated.

a.  Click Add Students to add individual students not selected in the query.

b.  Click the Exclude checkbox to exclude a student selected in the query from processing.

c.  If you are awarding the degree at this time, you can input degree GPA or honors codes for individual students (optional).

  1. Graduation Processing Action: Select Degree Checkout Status.
  2. New Degree Checkout Status: Select from the dropdown the new status for the student population selected above.

a.  For a new checkout status of Awarded, the system inserts a new effective-dated row on the Student Program page with a program action of Completion of Program. For all other checkout status values, the system inserts a new effective-dated row on the Student Program page with a program action of Data Change.

  1. Action Reason: Select from drop down or leave blank (optional).
  2. Select the Run button at the top of the page.
  1. Click OK.
  1. Click the Process Monitor link.
  1. Click Refresh until the Run Status displays Success and the Distribution Status is Posted.
  1. You can verify the update on the Student Degrees tab on the Student Program/Plan Page Navigation: Main Menu  Records and Enrollment  Career and Program Information  Student Program/Plan


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