Processing Term Withdrawals 21h

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to process Withdrawals in ctcLink.

Audience: Registration Staff

Navigation: Records and Enrollment > Student Term Information > Term History

Use the QCS_CS_SR_WITHDRAWN query to identify students who have dropped all courses for the term.

OEE enrollments must be dropped using Quick Enroll or Enrollment Request prior to processing a Term Withdrawal. Users will get an error on the Term Withdrawal processing page if student are still enrolled in OEE courses.

  1. Enter appropriate information into the ID field on the Term History page then click the Search button.
Find an Existing Value tab
  1. Click the Term Withdrawal tab.
Term Withdrawal tab
  1. Use the Term Withdrawal page to process student withdrawals for all sessions within an entire term.
  2. Click the Withdrawal/Cancel list.
  3. Click the Withdrew list item.
  4. Click the Withdrawal/Cancel Reason list and choose the appropriate reason for the withdrawal/cancellation.

Withdrawal\Cancel Reasons are set up independently from the Action Reason codes on a Drop Enrollment Action reasons set up for refunds on Quick Enroll or Enrollment Request.  Please work with your Student Financials Office on which Withdrawal\Cancel Reason codes to use for your student scenarios. Term Withdrawal reasons will override adjustment codes used on individual drops and apply to ALL classes in the specified term.  If a individual course must be dropped with a different adjustment amount, users will need to process the drop on the Enrollment Request page using a back date of the action date to fall within the adjustment period needed.

  1. Click the Post Term Withdrawal button.

If processing a Term Withdrawal after grades have been posted to a student's term, a warning message will display.  Sometimes this is accurate as a student has already been dropped from the courses individually and the student has "W" grades.  When this warning message displays, it is recommended to check the student's record to verify that all grades are a "W" as a Term Withdrawal should not be used if the student has non "W" grades.

Term Withdrawal tab

Last Date of Attendance will populate to Student Consolidated Statistics which is used for NSC enrollment reporting.

Messages you may get when posting a Term Withdrawal:

* You must set up the Acad Calendar Term Table for Institution: WA171, Career: UGRD, Calendar: AQTR, Term: 2171 (14630,37)

-This message means that you have not completed the required configurations for Term Withdrawal

* Warning -- date out of range. (15, 9)

-This message is a warning to verify the dates entered.  Verify the dates used and re- click the post button.  It will not prevent the term withdrawal from completing.

  1. Click the Success or Error link to view messages associated with the posting of the term withdrawal.
Term Withdrawal tab
  1. Use the Term Withdrawal Run Status page to view the status and process messages for enrollment requests generated by the withdrawal and cancellation process so that you can determine the changes that you must make to a request or a student’s records to successfully post a request. You can also use this page as a record for all withdrawal and cancellation requests submitted through the Term History component.
Term Withdrawal Run Status page

Note: To allow a student to re-enroll after withdrawal or cancellation, refer to the steps outlined in the Making a Student Eligible for Enrollment After Enrollment Cancellation QRG.


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