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Generating Transcripts in Batch (By Student Group) 21r

Purpose: Use this as a reference for how to generate transcripts in batch by student group in ctcLink.

Audience: Student Records Staff

  1. Enter appropriate information under the Find and Existing Value tab or click the Add a New Value tab to create a new Run Control ID.
  2. Create a Run Control ID and enter it in the Run Control ID field.

The Run Control ID is your own, user created name for the process to be run. You’ll want to name it something easily identifiable to the process you are running. For example: PROCESS_TRANSCRIPTS

  1. Click the Add button.
Process Transcripts Add a New Value tab
  1. Enter appropriate information to set the process parameters below.
    • Academic Institution: Enter appropriate institution.
    • Transcript Type: Enter "Unofficial Transcript". *NOTE: DO NOT select "Official".
    • Process Action: Enter "Request, Generate and Print".

Note: There are a number of Service Indicators that prohibit students from obtaining transcripts. To access transcripts of students with these service indicators, you must check the “Override Service Indicator” box.

Process Transcripts page
  1. Check the Population Selection checkbox under the Population Selection section.
  2. Select "PS Query" from the Selection Tool dropdown menu.
  3. Look up or enter "SSR_TS_STUDENT_GRP" in the Query Name field.
  4. Select the Edit Prompts link.
  5. Enter the appropriate information for Academic Institution, Transcript Type and Student Group in the Query Prompts fields.
Process Transcripts - Population Selection
  1. Under the Additional Options sections, select the desired order in which you wish the transcripts to appear in the Print Sort Option field.
  2. Look up or enter appropriate Transcript Report name (SSR_TSRPT) under the Report Name field.
  3. Look up or enter Transcript Report Landscape (CTC_SSR_TSRPT_L) in the Template ID field.
  4. Click the Save button, then the Run button.
Process Transcripts - Additional options section
  1. Set the Run Date and Run Time you would like the transcripts to be generated. These will automatically default to the current day/time.
  2. Under the Process List section, ensure the Type field is set to "Web" and the Format field set to "PDF".
  3. Click the Distribution link then enter your EMPL ID in the Distribution ID field and press the OK button.
  4. Click the OK button again on the Process Scheduler Request page.
Process Scheduler Request
  1. Use the following navigation path to the Report Manager page to access your PDF: Main Menu > Reporting Tools > Report Manager.
  2. Choose the List tab.
  3. Choose the hyperlinked PDF file located in the Reports section.
Report Manager page


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