Wait List Processing FAQ 21h

What is Auto Enrollment from the Waitlist?This is a process that enrolls students into their classes from the waitlist. Once the class is full it is marked as closed then only students from the waitlist may be enrolled in the course. If one seat becomes available in a course, then student number one on the waitlist is automatically enrolled from the waitlist as long as there are no errors or enrollment restrictions.

Which classes have a waitlist?Not all classes have waitlists. If a course is listed as Instructor Consent, a wait list is not available.

How many classes can the student be waitlisted for?The number of max units allowed to waitlist is restricted at each institution based on their college-specific policy. If the student attempts to add classes that will increase the total number of their waitlisted units to greater than the limit, the student will receive an error message.

Can a student who is not on the waitlist for a class enroll directly into the class if a space becomes available? No. Once the enrollment capacity is reached, the class status changes to closed. If available, students can place themselves on the waitlist. Once a waitlist exists, no students may enroll directly into the class when space(s) become available. The class status remains closed and students will be auto-enrolled via the waitlist process.

The only way for a student to bypass those who are waitlisted for a class is to be given a permission number or overridden into the class by a staff member.

Can the student be waitlisted for more than one section of the same class?Yes. A student can waitlist multiple sections of the same class. They cannot pick their preference. The waitlist process will enroll the student into the first available seat according to descending course number. If the student is enrolled, then they will be deleted from all other waitlists.

--For example, imagine that a student attempts to waitlist Engl 1 course number 10000 and Engl 1 course number 20000. If Eng1 1000 has a seat available and the student is eligible for enrollment they will be enrolled into the course and dropped from the Eng1 2000 waitlist. If both classes have seats available the student will be enrolled into the Eng1 1000 course and dropped from the Engl1 2000 waitlist because 1000 is less than 2000.

--If the student is on multiple waitlists and they are enrolled, they will be dropped from all of the other waitlists for that course.

How often does the system check if a student drops?This is based on the college’s process for managing waitlists or setting up the process to run.

A student was on the waitlist. Why wasn’t the student enrolled when another student dropped?

There are several reasons that this might not happen.

--The system does not make updates instantly. The processing happens based on when the waitlist process is run.  

--The auto-enrollment may have exceeded the maximum number of units for the student’s course load.

--The course may have prerequisites or co-requisites that have not been met.

--The student has registration holds. This might be outstanding fees, an incorrect social security number, parking fines or other problems. These issues need to be corrected before any auto enrollment can be completed.

--The class time conflicts with another class in which they are enrolled.

Can the student change the classes that they student have on their waitlist?Yes, the student can change the courses in their waitlist at any time. There is a limit to the number of students that can be on a specific course waitlist. If you drop from the waitlist, then get back on the same waitlist, your number may be different.

--For example, if a student is ranked 10th for Course ABC and drops it from this list and then wishes to add it back, they will likely not be ranked 10th. They will lose their place in line.

What happens if the student is not auto-enrolled from the waitlist?The college will need to determine a date for the waitlists to close and at that time wait lists should be purged.

--Students needing to be enrolled after this date will need to be processed manually by enrollment services with an override or with a permission number.

Can a student add any classes to their waitlist?Yes, unless the class is listed as Instructor Consent, or there is a course pre-requisite.

--The pre-requisites requirements for a course will be checked when the student attempts to add the course to the waitlist and at the auto-enrollment time. If a student has not satisfied the course pre-requisite they will be blocked. It is presumed that a student concurrently enrolled in a class will pass it and therefore stratify the pre-requisite requirement for the next class in the following term.

--For example, if a student is enrolled in Span 1 and they wish to waitlist Span 2 for the next term that is permissible. If a student has taken Span 1 and received a poor grade such as an F, they will not be allowed to waitlist Span 2 because they have not satisfied the course pre-requisite.

--It is the student’s responsibility to be knowledgeable about the specific requirements to enroll in the course.

Can a course be cancelled while a student is on the waitlist?Yes. This means that the waitlist associated with that course will also be cancelled.

If an enrolled student drops classes how are students moved from the waitlist into the course(s)?Students are auto-enrolled from the waitlist into the course by their priority ranking in the waitlist. For example if a class is full, and three students drop, students ranked 1, 2, and 3 will be auto-enrolled from the waitlist. The student who was previous ranked number 4 will now be ranked number 1. If another student drops the course, he or she will be the next student auto-enrolled. This scenario will continue until the waitlist is empty, or the class is full, or the waitlist is purged before the course begins.

--Currently, there is NO notification of the auto-enrollment. It is the student’s responsibility to verify enrollment via student self-service or the college will need to send a communication.

Can a student waitlist for a class that conflicts (in meeting time) with an enrolled class?

Time conflicts will not be checked at the time that the course is added to the waitlist.

--At the time of the auto-enrollment, time conflicts will be checked. If there is a time-conflict, the student enrollment will not process. They will not lose their place in the waitlist queue, but will remain there until the conflict is resolved. The students of lower ranking, but with no time conflicts, will be auto-enrolled before them.

--It is in the student’s best interest to not waitlist a course that would present a time conflict.

Are the waitlisted credits counted into the student’s total units for the term?No. The total units are considered separately: total units enrolled and total units on the waitlist. For example, if a student may enroll in 18 units and they are enrolled in 15 and have 6 units in their waitlist that is fine. Even though 15 + 6 = 21, which is greater than 18, this is a non-issue.

--In this example, if a student with 15 units is auto-enrolled in a 3-unit course, they will have a total enrollment of 18 units. They will NOT be auto-enrolled in the second 3-unit course because they are already at their maximum enrollment.

Can a student Swap waitlisted classes?No.

Can a student be both enrolled and waitlisted for different sections of the same class?Yes. The student cannot be enrolled into both classes.

--For example, suppose that a student were enrolled into Math 1 1000 which meets on Mondays. They would prefer Math 1 2000 which meets on Tuesdays. The student places themselves on the waitlist for Math 1 2000. They will NOT be enrolled into that class even if they are eligible and there is a seat available. They must first drop themselves from Math 1 1000.

--For classes that are very popular it is in the best interest of the student to remain in the class as enrolled. An attempt to drop the classes to get a better schedule time can often be detrimental to the student because several other students will be competing for the available enrollment seat.

Do students remain on the waitlist after they have enrolled in the class?No. Once a student is successfully auto-enrolled in the course they are deleted from the waitlist.

--If a student is on several waitlists for different sections of the same class they will be dropped from all waitlists once they are enrolled.

How do departments and instructors know who is on the waitlist?The faculty can view their waitlists via their Faculty Self-Service in PeopleSoft.

Can students see who else is on the waitlist for a class?No, a student can only confirm his or her own status on the waitlist for a class.

Can a student change the grading option or number of units for a waitlisted class?No, this is not supported while the course is in the waitlist.

Can students drop themselves from a waitlist using Student Center?Yes.

Can students see their position on the waitlist?Yes. Generally, their position will be a number from 1 to 99. Some very large classes may have very large waitlists.

Can a student’s waitlisted ranking be changed once it is created?Yes. For example, if a student drops and adds the class back to their waitlist, they will be the last in line for the next open course seat. If a student ahead of them on the waitlist is auto enrolled, the next student will move up on the waitlist.

Can faculty change the waitlist?No.

If the student hasn’t met the prerequisites, can the student register for a class or for a waitlist?No. The student may not put a course on their waitlist if the prerequisite is not satisfied. Students will need to contact enrollment services or follow the college specific policy on requesting an exception to a prerequisite.

--The only exception is if the student is presently enrolled in the pre-requisite course. The student is given the benefit of the doubt that they will complete the course with a passing grade and therefore be eligible for the next course.

What are the chances of getting into a class if the student is on a waitlist?It is entirely possible that a waitlist ranking of 1 may still not result in an auto-enrollment for a course. This course may be very popular and students will not drop it. Another course may have a good number of student drops and a high ranking on the waitlist could still result in an auto-enrollment.

--Students should use the waitlist as a strategy to improve their course selection, but they should not assume they will get their waitlisted course.

How will the student know if they get into the class?Students must check their online self-service student account daily to verify if they have been auto-enrolled into any courses.

How often can the student check on waitlist status?The student can view their waitlist status at any time that the online student center is available.

Do all classes have a waitlist?No, this can be controlled as a part of class scheduling

If a student is ranked number 1 on the waitlist does that mean that they will be auto-enrolled in the course as soon as a seat is available?Yes, if there is a seat available and there are no issues related to the auto-enrollment. Problems include:

--Enrollment in another section of the same course.

--Time conflicts

--Student registration holds

--Unsatisfied prerequisites or co-requisites

--Exceeding term unit limits

--Unsatisfied assessment testing requirements

--The student has met any repeat limits

What is the first day the student can get on a waitlist?Waitlists are only available once the class has reached the enrollment capacity. For an extremely popular course the waitlist may be activated very early in the registration period.

Will anything prevent a student from getting on a waitlist?

The requirements to be added to a waitlist are the same as standard enrollment:

--The student must have an enrollment appointment --The waitlist must be available for that class

--The student will not be able to waitlist if the student has any holds

If an enrolled student drops a full class and a seat opens, do waitlisted students get in first?Yes, the class will remain closed for registration until the waitlist has been emptied. ONLY the waitlisted students may enroll in the course.

Must students pay for a class if they are on the waitlist?No. Students must pay for classes once they are enrolled.

Can a student be dropped from the waitlist?Yes. A student may drop themselves from the waitlist.


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