Batch Assigning Student Groups 21L

Purpose: Use this to complete the sequential step by step process for bulk assigning student groups

Audience: Student Records Staff

To Batch Assigning Student Groups

  1. Navigate to Process Student Groups.
  2. Search for an existing Run Control ID or Add a New Value using the Add a New Value tab.
Find an Existing Value tab
  1. If creating a new Run Control, enter a name and click ADD.
Add a New Value tab

Complete the Population Selection

  1. Select PS Query from the Selection Tool dropdown.
  2. Select the query to use in the Query Name field (Note: Queries used for this process must have the STDNT_GRP_BIND record)
  3. Some queries may require you to input prompt values, click Edit Prompts to add prompt values.
Population Selection section
Query Prompts

Complete the Student Group Data

  1. Fill out the Academic Institution, Student Group, Effective Date, and Effective Status for the student group you are processing. (NOTE: Comment can be left blank if wished. If the comment is included it will appear in the comments section on the assigned student group).
  2. Click the Run button.

It is best practice to put your effective date prior to the start of the first term to witch it applies

Student Group Data section

Here is an example of where the comment would appear on the assigned student group

  1. Select the SCC_STD_GRP process and click the OK button.
Process List section


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