Copying the Prior Term 21b

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for copying the prior term in ctcLink.

Audience: Student Records Staff

This guide will walk you through copying the prior term. For additional details about what information your school requires, please refer to local business process policy and documentation.

Copying the prior term

Navigation: Main Menu > Curriculum Management > Roll Curriculum Data Forward > Copy Prior Terms Schedule

  1. On the Copy Prior Term’s Schedule page enter an existing Run Control ID or select the Add New Value tab and create a new one.
  2. Enter a Run Control ID.
  3. Select the Add button.
Add a New Value tab
  1. On the Copy Prior Term’s Schedule tab, enter the appropriate institution and term.
Copy Prior Term's Schedule tab
  1. Select the Copy Prior Term’s Schedule2 tab.
Copy Prior Term's Schedule 2 tab
  1. Enter relevant information about the Class Status and Roll Options.
  2. Select the Run button to run the Copy Prior Term process just as any other Process Scheduler process, then select the OK button.
  3. Click Process Monitor to check the status.
Process Monitor link
  1. After rolling over a term, the classes scheduled for a specific term are viewable:
    1. Go to Main Menu > Curriculum Management >Schedule of Classes > Maintain Schedule of Classes.
    2. On the Maintain Schedule of Classes page, enter search parameters.
    3. Select the Search button.


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