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How to IMPORT an Academic Term from CS to 25Live using LYNX

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to use the Campus Solutions/25 Live LYNX Interface.

Audience: CS Room Reservation Staff and Functional Administrators

  1. Once the Academic Term has been built or copied within Campus Solution (CS), the next task is to push that scheduling information for the term over to 25Live.  This is done through the CS/25live interface.
  2. The CS/25Live interface is hosted by CollegeNET and is designed as a communication conduit between both programs.  However, it’s important to note that CS is your academic record and not 25Live.  Therefore any changes to the curriculum involving meeting patterns, faculty name, capacity, etc. should be made in CS.  You can use 25live to assign classroom space and that should be the only change to academic course information made in 25Live. 
  3. The interface pulls the class title, faculty name and e-mail, expected and registered head count, meeting patterns, and room assignments.  Each school will log into the same URL but will have it's own unique credentials.
  4. Log into the  https://lynx.collegenet.com/sbctct using your school assigned LYNX username and password.  Your SBCTC support person will have these credentials for you and will also have your interface configured and tested prior to providing you the credentials.              
  1. Once you are logged in, you will want to confirm there is a connection between CS and 25Live. This is confirmed by the APP OK notification in green on the Home screen.
  1. Once you have signed in and confirmed there is a connection, then you want to create an Extract Set.  You should go to the "Import to 25Live" drop down field and select Extract Sets and then select on the bottom New Extract Set.
  1. Once you click on the New Extract Set, you will be able to title it with the quarter and term.  Select the term code, institutional code (WA220, WA171, etc) and filter criteria.
  1. Once you have Saved your criteria, you can click on the Back button and then select the extract set you just created. Prior to actually selecting the Review and Import button, you want to create your Date Exceptions (constraints).  In the past you would add these on the Cabinet and Folder in the Admin tool but can now add them here in LYNX.  You can add your holidays and any other days you want to exclude classes from getting imported into 25Live.  In addition, if there was an unexpected closure and you wanted to add a makeup day, you can pick a specific day to get re-imported into 25Live on a different day.
  1. Once you have added your term constraints, now you can select the Review and Import button.
  1. The Review and Import process will bring up two screens.  The first screen will review the data and confirm how many classes will be imported.  Once you click on the Import to 25Live button, it will bring up a confirmation window that will break down the import into "chunks."  This could be 3-7 chunks depending on how large of school and how many classes are being imported.
Confirmation of import process
  1. The last step is to review your vCal messages.  You can do that in LYNX but the best method is to review the vCal report in 25Live for further review and to reconcile those issues.


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