Running Batch Term Activation 21d

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for running batch term activation in ctcLink.

Audience: Student Records staff

Students must be term-activated prior to enrolling for that term.  This guide will walk you through running batch term activation.

Running Batch Term Activation

Navigation: Main Menu > Records and Enrollment > Term Processing > Term Activation > Term Activation Batch Process

  1. Use the Find an Existing Value tab to search for an existing Run Control ID, or create a new one. To create a new Run Control:
    1. Click the Add a New Value tab.
    2. Enter a unique Run Control ID.
    3. Click the Add button.
  2. Use the Selection 1 page to enter the request parameters. These parameters will be used to define the processing rules and data to be included when the process runs.
  1. On the Selection 1 tab, enter (at a minimum) the required fields.
    1. Institution: (e.g. WA171 for Spokane Community College).
    2. Academic Career: (e.g. UGRD for Academic Career).
    3. Actvtn Term: This is the term to be activated (e.g. 2147 for Fall 2014).
    4. Commit Freq: Use the Commit Freq (commit frequency) field to select how many table rows of information (students) you want to process before committing changes to the database. The default is 1000. Consult your institution’s database administrator for the appropriate setting for your institution. If you set the commit value to higher than the number of rows the program processes, then the program will only commit data once at the end of the run.
    5. Run Mode: If you select Insert, the process will only consider students that are not yet activated for the activation term. If eligible, the process adds a new row of term data to the student’s career term record. If you select Update, the process will only consider students that have already been activated for the activation term. If eligible, the process updates the student’s existing career term data.
    6. Selection criteria: Use the Selection Criteria field to indicate the type of selection criteria that you want the Term Activation process to use. Select Panel to use the fields available in the component to specify the criteria that determines eligible students. Select Custom to activate a custom population of students for one term or across multiple terms. For example, use this option when you need criteria beyond what the component provides, or when you want to perform a student records conversion.
    7. Optional fields: The remaining fields on the Selection 1 tab are optional and can be used to narrow the population being activated. 
  1. Click the Selection 2 tab. Use the Selection 2 page to narrow the population being activated.  Enter any program actions, academic standings, and service indicators that the Term Activation process should consider as eligible for term activation. If applicable, enter a Program Action (e.g. ACTV).
  1. Click the Selection 3 tab. Use this page to enter required enrollment terms or enrollment lapse rules for a single run of the Term Activation process. If you use this page, a student must be enrolled in a term according to the rules you specify to be eligible for term activation in the term specified on the Selection 1 page. You can use the Selection 3 page, for example, to prevent the term activation of students who lack enrollment records for the previous term.
  1. Click the Process Control tab. Use the Process Control page to indicate how the Term Activation process initializes or sets various values in your PeopleSoft Student Administration system.
  2. Use the check boxes in the Process Log Control group box to select how you want the Term Activation process to log statistics.  Selecting the type and level of detail that you need.
  3. The selected system defaults are Activated Students, Excluded Students, and Run Criteria. The system assigns a unique process number to the log file that you generate so that you can retain and track online versions of the log files. The log includes processing totals on students activated, students updated, and students ineligible.
    1. If you only want a count of the students included or excluded from term activation, clear all check boxes.
  4. Click the Custom Population tab. Use the Custom Population page to create a custom list of students to activate into terms, or to retrieve, view, and edit an existing custom list of students. The fields on this page are available only when you select Custom in the Student Type field on the Selection 1 page.

Running the Process

  1. After all tabs have been complete, click the Run button.
Process Scheduler Request
  1. Make sure the Term Activation process is selected and click the OK button.
  2. Click the Process Monitor link. The process may take time to run based on the quantity of records being processed.
  1. Click Refresh to update the Run Status until it shows Success.


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