Managing Waitlists 21h

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for managing waitlists in ctcLink.

Audience: Student Records staff

Navigation: Main Menu > Records and Enrollment > Term Processing > Waitlist > Waitlist Process

  1. Select Find an Existing Value and enter an existing Run Control ID or Click the Add a New Value tab and create a new Run Control ID.
  2. Click the Add button.
Add a New Value tab
  1. On the Waitlist Process page enter or select the appropriate Institution.
  2. Enter or select the appropriate Term.
  3. In Waitlist Process Switch enter A to process all or Y to process only new waitlist candidates.
  4. Session, Subject Area, Course ID and Class Nbr are all optional fields to narrow the classes being processed in this batch.

Example: a class has five students on the wait list and three spaces become open in the class. When the wait list process is run, three spaces are filled and two students remain on the wait list. At this point the class is no longer new to the wait list process. The only way it would be evaluated again is if space opened in the class and “A” (All) is selected as the wait list process switch value.

Wait List Process page
  1. Click the Run button.
  2. Select the process on the list and click the OK button.
  3. Click Process Monitor, the process may take time to run based on quantity of records processed.
Process Scheduler Request
  1. Click Refresh on the Process monitor page to update the process run status until the run status displays as Success.
Process List tab

This process moves groups of students from class wait lists to enrollment into classes. To manually move students from the wait list to enrollment in a class, first drop the student from the wait listed class, then add the student to the class with the appropriate overrides selected.


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