Transitional Studies Academic Plans

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for how to code academic plans for transitional studies

Audience:  Student Records Staff

1.0 Academic Plan Coding Prior to Completion –

Online Admission Application (OAA):

  • If the Transitional Studies Academic Program is selected in OAA, the applicant will select an Academic Plan from the list below. The selection menu displays description only; codes are not visible to applicants.

Staff Entry:

  • Designated staff can manually enter an application or activate a student directly using the codes below.
Academic Plan Code Description Applicable Students
ABE Reading/Writing/Math Skills Not award seeking, intent of transitioning to college level
ESL English as a Second Language Not award seeking, intent of transitioning to college level
HSE High School Equivalent/GED Taking coursework towards GED (is not awarded by college)
HSD High School Diploma Seeking to complete a high school diploma
UNDECLTR Trans Studies - Undecided Undecided or students enrolling in non-basic skills coursework such as Alternative High School, College in the High School, or Gateway to College

NOTE - These Academic Plan codes are not used to award a completion.

2.0 Academic Plan Coding to Award Completion –

  • At the time of awarding, the graduation evaluator will perform a plan change to one of the following codes:
Academic Plan Code Description Applicable Students
HS_HBHSC High School Completion Adheres to SHB 1758 guidelines; Running Start or 21yrs+ who has completed an associate degree and has formally requested their HS diploma
HS_H2HSC High School 21 and Above Enrolled specifically in the HS21+ program
HS_HCHSC High School Completion HSC Adult students 16yrs+ not falling under the above two categories; HS Reengagement
HS_INHSC International High School International HS completion

NOTE - To meet the statutory authority (RCW 28B50.535 and WAC 180-51-053) for community or technical colleges to offer and award high school diplomas, only the completion title “High School Diploma” is authorized for transcription.


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