Process/Review Credit History 27s

Purpose: Use this document as a reference to process credit history to age student accounts in ctcLink.

Audience: Student Financials Staff

Credit History

Navigation:  Student Financials > Collections > Credit History > Process Credit History

  1. Search for an existing Run Control ID or select the Add a New Value tab. Once a Run Control ID is saved for a given process it will be available for future use.
  2. Use the Credit History page to process customer history, including assigning aging sets and service indicator sets.
  3. Use the Select Option group box to select how to run the Credit History process. The fields to the right of this group box change, depending on the option selected.
    1. All of the students or organizations in the database with outstanding charges.
    2. A single student or external organization.
    3. A range of students or organizations.
    4. Those students or organizations that have had activity on their accounts since a given date.
    5. Use Population Selection to select a group of students based on a predefined query.
  4. Enter the information into the fields in the Processing Options section, based on the Select Option chosen.  For example, select All IDs.  
  5. Select a Business Unit, Aging Set STD, and Switch ID By Empl ID.
  6. Select the Service Indicator Update check box to post a service indicator to the student’s records.
  7. Select Service Indicator Set STD, enter an optional end user employee ID to appear as the Placed Person ID, and select Exclude Service Impact NOAGE.
  8. Use the Back Date group box if you want to recalculate credit history for a prior date.
  9. Click the Run button.
  10. Select Credit History (process name SFPCRDPS) from the process list on the Process Scheduler Request page and click OK to run this job.
  11. Click the Process Monitor link to ensure the process completes successfully.
Credit History page


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