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Creating, Reviewing and Cancelling a Refund for an Individual Student 27f

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for creating, canceling and viewing student refunds in ctcLink.

Audience: Student Financials Staff

Creating Student Refunds

Navigation:  Student Financials > Refunds > Student Refund

  1. Enter the Business Unit then click Search.
Find an Existing Value tab
  1. Enter the Student ID then click the Tab key to access the student account info.
  2. Select the Refund Method A/P.
  3. In the Refund Selection group box select the check box next to each item to include in the refund. ctcLink automatically enters the total amount of the line item here. To include only a portion of the line item in the refund, edit the amount.
  4. Select the Format to which the refund is issued e.g. automatic check, credit card, etc.
  5. Select the Refund Item Type of Refund (See a separate QRG for Higher One Refunds).
  6. Select the Address Type.
  7. Click the arrow button next to View Refund Check to view the remit to information.
  8. Click the Post Refund button to post the refund to the student's account.
Student Refund

Cancelling Refunds

Cancelling student refunds is only used to manage process errors and can only be used for refunds that have not posted. See the QRG Reversing Refunds for additional information.

Navigation:  Student Financials > Refunds > Reverse and Cancel Refunds > Student Refunds by Date or Student Refunds by ID

  1. Enter the Business Unit and Date then click Search.
  2. Select the Cancel check box next to the refund to cancel. Only refunds that are available to cancel will have the checkbox.
  3. Click the Save button. When the page is saved, ctcLink cancels each selected refund.
Student Refund Cancellation
  1. In the example below, the refund was processed as a credit card transaction because that is how the original payment was made. This has posted and cannot be canceled.
Student Refund Detail

Viewing Refund Information

Navigation:  Student Financials > Refunds > Review Student by ID

  1. Enter the Business Unit and click Search.
  2. Enter the Student ID rress [Tab] to refresh the page.
  3. If a refund was made by check, the Check/Voucher Info link is available to view additional information.
Review Student by ID
  1. Click the Refund Detail link to access the Student Refund Detail page.
Review Student by ID
  1. Click Return to navigate to the previous menu.


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