SF: Create and Generate Communications 11f

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for assigning and sending communications and run a late fee query in ctcLink.

Audience: Student Financials Staff

This is a two-step process. First, assign the communications using 3C Engine; and second, generate the emails using Communication Generation.

Assigning Communications

  1. Search for an existing Run Control ID or Add a New Value if this is the first time running the process.
3C Engine Add a New Value Tab
  1. Select the Population Selection checkbox.
  2. Enter the Academic Institution.
  3. Enter or select the Administrative Function (i.e. SFCO for Student Financials Collections).
  4. Enter the Event ID:
    1. BSFREMIND sends reminder email when a student has a balance.
    2. BSFENRCAN  sends email when a student is dropped for non-payment.
  5. Click the Selection Tool drop down in the Population Selection area and select the appropriate Query Name.

Note: Make note of a student’s ID to later validate the communication was sent.

3C Engine Parameters Tab
  1. Navigate to Manage Duplicate Assignment tab.
  2. Select Check Duplicate Communication to ensure duplicate emails are not sent to any one student.
  3. Click Run and OK to run the 3C Engine Process.

Sending Communications

  1. Search for an existing Run Control ID or Add a New Value if this is the first time running the process.
Communication Generation Add a New Value Tab
  1. Select the ID Selection from the dropdown.
  2. Enter or select the Letter Code for the appropriate institution and process.

Letter Code selection populates other fields with default values. Typically, these should not be changed.

  1. Make a selection in No Matching Template Found  typically Use Default Template.
  2. Select the Communication Method Usage. For this example, E-Mail is selected.
Selection Parameters Tab
  1. Navigate to the Process Parameters tab.
  2. Choose the Address, Address Name, Salutation and Extra Name.
  3. Check Use Preferred Email Address.
  4. Enter the Communication Date Range Selection From Date and To Date.
  5. Select the Update Communication Generation Date With and the Update Communication Completed Date With to specify the date to record the communication on the student record.
  6. Select the preferred Sort Option.
  7. Un-Check the Produce Communication and Complete Communication in the Missing Critical Data section.
Process Parameters Tab
  1. Navigate to the Email Parameters tab.
  2. Enter the From, Subject and Reply to. Leave Sender and Bounce to blank.
  3. Enter the Importance and Sensitivity.
Email Parameters Tab
  1. The Checklist Parameters page settings should not be changed.
  2. Click Run and OK to run this process.

Verifying Communications Were Assigned and Sent

  1. Enter a student ID from the prior process and click Search to review communications recently sent.
Communication Management Find Existing Value Tab
  1. If the Communication Completed checkbox at the bottom of the Person Communication page is checked, this indicates the email was sent.
Communication Management Page

Running the Late Fee Query

  1. Enter the Query Name for the Run Late Fee Query: CTC_SF_LATEFEE_DETAIL and click search.
  2. Click the Run to Excel link. (Ensure pop up blockers are disabled.)
  3. Enter the Business Unit, Min Item Type, Max Item Type, Item Term, Due Date and Item Amt.
  4. If a pop-up box opens asking to open the Excel file click OK.


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