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Process Student Write Offs for Multiple Students 27s

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to process write offs for multiple students in collections within Student Financials.

Audience: Student Financials Staff

  1. Click the Add a New Value tab. You can run this process by searching for an existing Run Control ID or you can add a new value. Creating a Run Control ID that is relevant to the report may help you remember it for future use.
  2. Enter the appropriate information into the Run Control ID field.
  3. Click the Add button.
Write Offs Add a New Value

The parameters on the Write Offs page are defining the select criteria.

  1. Choose to select By ID or By External Org ID options.
  2. Enter appropriate Business Unit. The user default Business Unit should automatically populate.
  3. To further refine the selection results enter or look up the appropriate information for the Aging Set field and the Aging Category field.
  4. Enter the appropriate amount in the Past  Due Amount field.
  5. Enter the appropriate date for the Last Activity Date field.
  6. Select the item type that should post to the student's account in the Item Type Writeoff field.
  7. Select the appropriate service indicator in the Service Indicator Cd field.

A group data entry will be created as a part of group data processing so a group type and origin must be defined.

  1. Enter or select the appropriate information from the Group Type dropdown menu.
  2. Enter or select the appropriate information in the Origin ID field.

Optional - Report Only box allows the write off process to run without committing the transactions to the student's account.

  1. Click the Run button.
Write Offs Page
  1. Select the checkbox for the defaulted Batch Write off process from the Process List.
  2. Click the OK button.
Process Scheduler Request Page
  1. Click the Process Monitor link.
Write Offs Page
  1. Click Refresh until the process reads "Success".
  2. Continue with the Group Post Process. Create and Post a Group Data Entry.


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