Managing Deposit Configurations 27a

Purpose: Use this as a reference for how to manage deposit configurations within Student Financials in ctcLink.

Audience: Student Financials Staff

Navigation: Main Menu > Set Up SACR > Product Related > Student Financials > Admission Fees > Deposit Fees

  1. To set up deposit fees and deposit due dates, use the Deposit Fees components.
    1. Define deposit fees.
    2. Define deposit fee due dates.
    3. Define status changes resulting from deposits.

Note: Some institutions require a deposit fee from accepted applicants to reserve space in an academic program. Deposit Fees can only be applied by academic program per application center.

Define Deposit Fees

Deposit Fees tab

Define Deposit Fee Due Dates

Deposit Due Dates tab

Define Status Changes Resulting From Deposits

  1. If you select the Update Application from SF option, you must specify how students' program statuses are updated.

Warning: If used, this only matriculates it does not term activate.

Deposit Due Dates - Status Update
  1. After configuration, the Deposit Fee can be calculated on an applicant that is admitted.
Application Program Data
Calculate Deposit Fees
Calculate Deposit Fees - Deposit Fees
  1. It can then be viewed in customer accounts and collected.


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