Image Configuration

Image Configuration step and action table below

Step Action
1. In this exercise, you will change images on the Continuing Education web page.

In the first exercise, you will add and upload a new image.  In thesecond exercise, you will delete an old image and upload a new image.
2. Click the Ciber Solutions link.
3. Click the Image Configuration link.
4. Click the Framework Type list.
5. Click the Online Continuing Education list item.
6. Click the Search button.
7. For the first exercise, upload a new image to beposted on the site.
8. Click the Add a new row button.
9. Click in the Image Name field.
10. Enter a name for the image into the Image Name field.

For example, enter a valid value e.g. "171_Announcement_10".
11. Click the Add Image Button link.
12. Click in the Browse button.
13. Search for the image on your computer.
14. For this exercise, click the Pictures icon.
15. Click the Sample Pictures folder.
16. Click the Koala list item.
17. Click the Open button.
18. Click the Upload button.
19. Click the Save button.
20. For the second exercise, you will delete apreviously uploaded image and then upload a new one.
21. Click the First link.
22. Click the Delete Image Button link.
23. Click the Add Image Button link.
24. Click in the Browse field.
25. Click the Penguins list item.
26. Click the Open button.
27. Click the Upload button.
28. Click the Save button.
29. You have completed ImageConfiguration. You should now be able to upload images into ctcLink.
End of Procedure.