Template Setup - Default Search Configuration 02c

Purpose: Use this as a reference for how to setup a template with default search configuration in ctcLink.

Audience: Continuing Education Staff

Navigation: Ciber Solutions > Student Enrollment > Student Enrollment Configs

  1. To add the next term, use the plus (+) symbol to add another row.
Search Select Config Page
  1. Waitlist controls at the term level to enable waitlist feature and control payment requirements on waitlist classes with check marks.
  2. Terms will only display if the Term table Enrollment & Shopping Cart Begin Date is on or after the date you are editing. For example, 2151 can be added to the template any time after 10/7/2014. For more information, see the training materials on Term/Session management.
Term Table tab
  1. To make the term the default term, select the Make Default button. It will populate the 4 row with Term code in the Search Parameter section.
  2. Use the Search Parameter section to hide or display, label, and re-order the search fields.
  3. Use the Search Results section to configure (hide or display, label, and re-order) the grid that displays the search results to users.
Search Results
Search Result Configuration