Notification Configuration 02b

Purpose: Use as a reference for how to configure email notifications.

Audience: Continuing Education Staff

Navigation: Ciber Solutions > Student Enrollment > Notification Configuration

  1. There are 4 different email notifications that users can trigger:
    1. Account Creation-notification 1st user receives after creating account.
    2. Forgot Username-notification user can activate from site.
    3. Forgot Password-notification user can activate from site.
    4. Submit-notification user triggers after enrollment/payment in class.
  2. Configure these notifications by setting the email from, subject, and text of email.
Configuration Parameters
  1. In addition to the text you wish to include, each notification can contain user information in the form of bind values.
Notification, Bind Value, Description table
  1. The Class Details grid used in the Submit notification cannot be customized. See the example below.
Class Details