Promo Code/Waiver Code Configuration

Purpose: Use as a reference for how to configure promo codes and waiver codes.

Audience: Continuing Education Staff

Navigation: Ciber Solutions > Student Enrollment > Promo Code Setup

When students register for classes within the waiver parameters, they will receive a discount. When students register for a class, the website will present them with the opportunity to enter a promo code.

  1. After entering your institution or selecting the Add New Value tab, the Promo Code page below will appear.
Promo Code
  1. Name the Codeset and set the effective date.
  2. The waiver/discount code should have an expiration date and details that students will see explaining the discount.
  3. Choose to waive a percentage or a flat amount and be written off to a specific item type.
Promo Code tab
  1. Define the criterion that allows the waiver to be triggered.  In the example, any class in the SRART subject would receive the discount. Colleges can define a waiver at the term, subject, course id, or class number.
Promotional Code Setup
  1. Use the Promo Code setup to create Codes that users enter at enrollment, regardless of the type of class.

Note: item type configured to restrict any class fee that should not be discounted.