Promo Code/Waiver Code Configuration

Purpose: Use as a reference for how to configure promo codes and waiver codes.

Audience: Continuing Education Staff

*Note: Before configuring your promo code or waiver decide:

  • Who is the promo/waiver for? A student group, everyone, early bird registration?
  • Is the promo/waiver a dollar amount or a percentage?
  • Does the promo/waiver have an expiration date?

When you start building promo codes and waivers build them in pqa and test them there before configuring in production.  

Navigation: Ciber Solutions > Student Enrollment > Promo Code Setup

When students register for classes within the waiver parameters, they will receive a discount. When students register for a class, the website will present them with the opportunity to enter a promo code.

  1. After entering your institution or selecting the Add New Value tab, the Promo Code page below will appear. Do not mix promo codes and waivers. Use one page for promo codes and a separate page for waivers.
Promo Code
  1. Name the Codeset and set the Effective Date.
  2. The waiver/discount code should have an expiration date and details that students will see explaining the discount. If you want the discount to run for a limited time make sure the effective date and expiration date are completed.

*Note: Students will not see what is in the Codeset field. They will see the Code name and what is in the Details field.

Promocode Set
  • Priority must be set in increments of 10 and determines which code takes precedence.
  1. Choose to waive a percentage or a flat amount and be written off to a specific item type. If using currency, discount must be in whole dollar amounts.
Waiver Type & Value
  1. Define the criterion that allows the waiver to be triggered. In the example, any class in the SRART subject would receive the discount. Colleges can define a waiver at the term, subject, course ID, or class number.
  2. Assign to a specific class by class number and time. A discount can also be assigned to a class for the quarter by faculty.
Criteria Definitions
  1. Use the text field to include any explanation for the discount you want the student to see.
Promotional Code Setup

*Note: Item type configured to restrict any class fee that should not be discounted. Please use a code on the list or work with your financial office to create a new code if needed.

  1. For promo codes only the Codeset, effective date and status fields need to be completed in the top part of the page.
Promocade Set
  1. The promo code particulars are entered in the Promotional Code Setup section.
Promotion Code Setup
  1. Promo codes can be set up to offer a discount based on how much the student spent or by seats, for instance the first 5 students who register.

Testing Waivers and Promo Codes

To test a waiver you will need to know a class number that falls within the parameters of your waiver.

  1. Login to OSECE in pqa and add the class to your shopping cart.
OSECE Shopping Cart
  1. You should see the discount you configured applied.
Confirm and Checkout Shopping Cart Page

*Note: When the “enter Waiver code to trigger discount” comes up you will need a way to notify the students to ignore that part unless they have a waiver code to enter. If the student enters something in the waiver code field after the discount has already been applied they will get an invalid code error message. You can enter instructions for the student in the details when you set up the waiver code.

Promor Waiver Code Trigger Discount

To test the promo code you will need to know a class number that falls within the parameters of your promo code.

  1. Login to OSECE in pqa and add the class to your shopping cart.
  2. Add the promo code in the waiver code field.
Testing out note page
  1. You should see the "Code is valid" message with the discount shown. The example below shows the waiver and the promo code applied to the class.
Code is valid message. Discount value: 10 USD

If the waiver or promo code is working to your satisfaction configure it the same way in production.