Getting Started with Panopto

Purpose: Use this as a reference for how to get started using the Panopto recording tool.

Audience: Anyone using Panopto to record videos

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your credentials:
    1. i.e.
    2. Change password on first use
  3. At the Dashboard, click the link for Contention Creation Space for Functional, to go to the Courses section for Functional Analysts.

*Note: If you do not have access to this course, please contact a member of the training development team to request access.

  1. In the Courses section, click the Panopto Recordings link to launch the Panopto page.
Screencast of Homepage for Content Creation Space for Functional Analysts Canvas Course

*Note - If the Panopto Recorder has not been installed, follow the the steps in the Panopto Recorder Installation Guide.

  1. Once on the Panopto page click the Create button and select "Record a new session".
Main Panopto page for Creating a Recording
  1. In the Panopto application, under Primary Sources:
    1. Ensure the Video drop down is set to "none" in order to prevent the video capture of your image from your laptop webcam.
    2. Ensure the Audio source is pointing to the correct external microphone device.
  2. In the Secondary Sources, click the Capture Power Point and Capture Main Screen options.

*Note: If Capture Second Screen is chosen when two monitors exist, one monitor will appear as an inset in the recording, in the same way a video capture of the presenter would appear.

Primary and Secondary Sources page
  1. To verify your Settings, click the Settings icon at the top of the page.
  2. Under Basic Settings, check the "Minimize when recording" box to hide the Panopto windows while recording automatically.
  3. Optional - Check the "Highlight the mouse cursor during screen capture" to add a halo to your mouse pointer while recording for greater visibility.
Panopto Setting page
  1. Under Advanced Settings check "Capture in MP4 format" for later editing using your own video editing tools.
Advanced Settings page
  1. Click the Save button when done editing the settings, which will revert the page back to the Create New Recording page.
  2. In the Session Settings, click the Folder drop down to pick where the video will be saved to (main functional team site or your own folder tied to your login).
  3. In the name field, change the title from the date/time stamp to something more meaningful based on the material being presented.
Session Settings Options page
  1. When ready to begin, click the Record button .