Navigating PeopleSoft - Using Breadcrumbs

Purpose:  Use this document to navigate through PeopleSoft, specifically using navigational breadcrumbs in ctcLink.

Audience:  All Staff

  • When navigating to a page, the navigation path is displayed next to the Main Menu. This is called a breadcrumb trail.
  • In addition, each sub menu that makes up a breadcrumb trail can be selelcted to display the items in that sub menu.
  • This example will show the navigation as: Main Menu > Campus Community > Personal Information > Add/Update a Person
Main menu and sub menus
  • Notice that the navigation path is located to the right of the Main Menu.
  • In addition to being a handy resource, the Breadcrumb trail is hyperlinked.  For example, if you were to choose Personal Information from the Breadcrumb trail, you would be able to access the sub menus and pages from that menu.  This is very similar to using the drop down menus, however in a Breadcrumb trail, you are able to access a specific menu with out starting from Main Menu.
Find an Existing Value and Add a New Value tabs
  • Menu selected from navigation path (Breadcrumb trail), showing sub menus.
  • When a sub menu is selected, the "new" navigation path (Breadcrumb trail) reflects the navigational change.  In this example, Address Match has been slelcted from the Personal Information menu.