Budget Overview for Grants/Contracts/Projects

Purpose:  Use this document to create quick "snapshots" of Budget, Encumbrance and Expense balances in ctcLink.

Audience:  Finance/Budget

The Budget Overview report in Commitment Control enables you to create quick snapshots of Budget, Encumbrance and Expense balances.  These snapshots can vary from summary level of a business unit all the way down to an individual chartfield string.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Commitment Control > Review Budget Activities > Budget Overview

Budget Overview Inquiry

  1. Select the Find an Existing Value tab on the Budgets Overview page.
  2. Select an Inquiry Name.
Find an existing value tab

This is where the filtering information is to create the Budget Overview snapshot.

  1. Enter the Budget Type information.  
  2. Select the Business Unit, Ledger Group/Set and Ledger Group. (The Ledger Group determines the level of information reported.  PROJECT_KK reports at the summary (or roll-up).  DETAIL_KK reports at the level used for budgeting).
  3. Enter the Type of Calendar information.  (Detail Budget Period sorts the data by the Budget Period that was Budget Checked.  Detail Accounting Period sorts the expenditure by which period it was posted in the General Ledger).
  4. Budget Criteria information.  (This is the effective date of the budget.  The calendar ID and budget period are automatically populated).
  5. Enter Chartfield Criteria information.  (This section is the filtering portion of the snapshot).
  6. Select Search to process request.

The following example uses WA220 for the report.  The ledger group is DETAIL_KK and the Accounts are expenses at the budgeting level.  

  1. After entering the ChartField Criteria, select Search to view results.  (The results will look like the screenshot below).

The Ledger Totals section is the summary of the criteria used to search on.  The Budget Overview Results lists individual ChartFields that meet the criteria.  Clicking on Department 20011 will drill down to detailed information.  

Continuing to drill down leads the user to the expenditures by period.

  • Continuing to drill down leads the user to the source document of the expenditure.
  • Selecting Period 2 results in the following.
Activity Log page
  • Continuing to drill down leads the user to the source document of the expenditure.  
  • Select the Journal ID to see the actual document.