Approving Absences - 32c, 32d

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for approving absences in ctcLink.

Audience: Managers who approve time for employees

Approving Absences

  1. Click the Worklist link.
Worklist link

The Worklist for the manager displays. Use the Worklist page to view, assign priority to, reassign and process worklist items. All items requiring approval display on this list, with the exception of expenses.

  • Worklist Filters– Narrow the worklist by Approval Routing and Transactions Approved.
  • From– Displays the individual who triggers the work item.
  • Date From– Displays the date the when the work item was triggered.
  • Link– Click the access the Message Detail page of the Notification.
  • Mark Worked– Click this button to mark an item as worked if the necessary actions have been performed.
  1. Click the appropriate link for approval.

The Request Details page displays.

  • View Absence Request History – Click this link to view the requests the employee has submitted.
  • View Absence Balance – Click the link to view the employee’s balance.
  • View Monthly – Click this link to view a calendar of absences and payable time.
  1. If the employee entered comments, they will appear in the Comments Section.
  2. Enter comments in the Approver Comments field, if necessary.
  3. Click the Approve button.

Note: Approvals, Denials, and Pushbacks can be completed on this page.

Requests Details
  1. Click the Yes button.
Approval Confirmation
  1. Click the OK button.
Approve Confirmation

Denying an Absence

  1. Click the Deny button.
  1. Click the Yes button.
Denial Confirmation
  1. Click the OK button.
Deny Confirmation

Pushing Back an Absence

  1. Click the Select checkbox next to the Last Name.
  2. Click the Pushback button.
Push Back an Absence button
  1. Click the Yes button.
Push Back Confirmation
  1. Click the Okay button.
Push Back Confirmation