View Payable Time Detail - 32c

Purpose:  Use this document to view payable time detail.

Audience:  Managers

Navigation:  Main Menu > Manager Self Service > Time Management > View Time > Payable Time Detail

The Payable Time Detail page displays each day's payable time, including the time reporting code for the time.  The system also displays the number of units, amounts, or hours for the TRC.  This value must be within the minimum and maximum quantitiy set for the TRC.  The TRC type determines if this value is amounts, units or hours.  The system displays the date of the reported time and the current status of the payable time.  The payable status records the progress of payable time through its different stages.

  1. Enter information int the Employee ID field.
  2. Click Get Employees.
  3. Click the Last Name link.
Select Employee

When selecting the Start Date and End Date range, keep in mind the Payable Time Detail page allows a manager to view up to 30 days of payable time details for a given employee.

  1. Click Start Date and choose date.
  2. Click End Date and choose date.
  3. Click Refresh.
  4. Click the Show All Columns graphic.  Include or exclude payale time detail by status by either selecting or deselecting individual statuses.
  5. Click the Collapse graphic.
  6. Click Time Reporting Elements tab.
  7. Click the Cost and Approval tab.
Forecasted Time Detail

The Payable Status Filter allows a manager to filter results by specific Payable Statuses.