Enter/Modify Time for an Employee - 32d

Purpose:  Use the timesheet page to report time and task details for day, week, or time period for either punch or elapsed time reporters.  Also, to view all employees' time whether they need approval or not.

Audience:  Managers , Time and Labor Administrators

Navigation:  Main Menu > Manager Self Service > Time Management > Report Time > Timesheet

  1. Enter valid value in the Employee ID field or use the look up icon (magnifying glass).
  2. Click Get Employees.
  3. Click the Last Name link.
  1. Enter hours

View by Day

  • When an employee is enrolled in Time and Labor in mid-period of the calendar OR the workgroup is changed;
  • At times the appropriate Time Reporting code is not available for the selected timesheet's View by Calendar Period or View by Week period option;
  • To view the appropriate time reporting code, change theView By drop-down to "Day"
  1. Click on the View By drop down and select Day.
  2. Enter the Date.
  3. Click Refresh.
  4. Scroll through the days and select appropriate time reporting code from the drop down menu.
  5. Enter Time.