Assign Work Schedule

Purpose:  Use this document to assign employee work schedules.

Audience:  Managers/HR Admin

Navigation:  Main Menu > Manager Self Service > Time Management > Manage Schedule > Assign Work Schedule

  1. Enter information into the Empl ID.
  2. Click Search.
Assign Work Schedule

The Use Default Schedule value is the default selection in the Assignment Method field.  For Time and Labor employees, the schedule is defaulted from the workgroup assigned to an employee on the Maintain Time Reporter Data page when they are enrolled in Time and Labor.

  1. To change an employee's schedule, you must insert a new effective date row-click on the plus sign (+) to add a new row.  The Effective Date field defaults to the current system date, but can be changed if needed.

NOTE:  When changing schedules it is best to do so at the beginning of a work week to prevent the chance of an employee being scheduled to work greater than 40 hours.

Assign Work Schedule
  1. Use the Assignment Method field to select Create Personal Schedule or Select Predefined Schedule.

The Create Personal Schedule value allows you to create a personal schedule just for this employee.  When you choose this method, the Create Schedule link displays on the right hand side of the grid.  In addition, you will select a Schedule Group for the employee.  The Schedule ID is automatically populated with the Empl ID, Employee Record Number and three additional digits.

The Select Predefined Schedule value enables you to select a predefined Schedule Group and Schedule ID.

Schedule Groups are used to group employees with like schedules.  A Schedule Group must be entered.  For default schedules, the workgroup has a Schedule Group associated with a Schedule ID, so it filters the schedules that are valid for a particular Set ID associated to an employee.

  1. Click the Look Up icon for Schedule Group.
  2. Click on desired schedule.
  3. Click the Main Content ?????????
  4. Use the Show Schedule link to view the assigned schedule.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Save.

Use the View History of Schedule Assignments, including default changes region to show all of the schedule assignments, including what default schedules may have changed.