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Faculty Center/Advisor Center - My Advisees

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for accessing advisee information in ctcLink.

Audience: Faculty Advisors and Advisors

My Advisees

Note: The Advisor Center tab is only visible to faculty who are also advisors. The My Advisees section only displays if the advisor has been assigned advisees.

  1. The My Advisees tab lists all students actively assigned to an advisor.
  2. Advisee information can be sorted by clicking one of the table headings:
    • Notify
    • Name
    • ID
    • View Student Details
My Advisees
  1. If an active email client is available (i.e. Outlook), clicking the student Name will open a new email window with the student email in the To: field.
  2. Clicking View Student Details will open the Student Center tab for that student.
  3. Click the icon for Advising Notes to enter or view additional information about the student’s advising history.
  4. A list of notes will display, click the Advising Notes icon to view a specific note.
Advisor Center tab
  1. Click Create a Note to enter a new advising note and enter/select the following details:
    • Institution
    • Category
    • Subcategory
    • Note details (text entry)
    • Add Action Item if appropriate
    • Action Item Status and Due Date (optional)
    • Add Attachment (optional)
  2. Click Submit to save the note.
Advising Notes
  1. Notifications can be sent to selected students.
    • Check the box in the Notify column to select specific students or click Notify all Advisees.
    • Click Notify Selected Advisees.
    • Enter the appropriate message in the Send Notification section.
    • Click Send Notification to send the email.
Send Notifications
  1. To search for other students that are not assigned to you, click the View Data for Other Students button.
View Data for Other Students link


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