Advisee View in Student Center

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for Advisee View in Student Center or viewing general information in ctcLink.

Audience: Faculty Advisors and Advisors

Student Center

  1. The Advisee Student Center provides a student's view in self-service.
  • Select the student's name from the Change Advisee drop-down box.
  • Click Change
Advisor Center tab
  1. The General Info tab provides some additional details of student information. This information is not viewable by students in Self-service if it is not displayed on the Student Center tab. This page Displays the following information:
    • Service Indicators
    • Checklists
    • Student Groups
    • Personal Data
    • Contact Information
  1. If the faculty advisor has access to update this information, a green edit button displays for the specified items.
Advisee General Info


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