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Entering Advising Notes in Advisor Center 07c

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to enter an Advising Note in Advisor Center in ctcLink.

Audience: Academic Advisors

Navigation: Advisor Center > My Advisees

  1. Select the Advising Note icon next to the applicable student.
My Advisees page
  1. Review previous notes or select Create a Note to enter a new Advising Note.
Advising Notes - Create a Notes button
  1. Complete required fields and enter note.
    1. Institution: Select your college
    2. Category: Select the appropriate category from available options *Note - example shown may not be a valid value for your institution
    3. Subcategory: Select the appropriate subcategory from available options *Note - example shown may not be a valid value for your institution
    4. Assigned to: Your emplID will automatically populate this field. Do not change this value.
    5. Subject: Enter a desired subject for the Advising Note.
    6. Status: Select the desired status value.
    7. Advisee Access:
      • Yes - allows the student to review the note in their Student Center
      • No - the student cannot see the note in their Student Center
    8. Use free-form text box to enter note.
Advising Notes page - Group Box information
  1. *OPTIONAL* Select Add Action Item to create to-do’s for yourself or the student.
    1. Description: Input a desired Action Item description
    2. Action Item Status: Select the applicable status
    3. Due Date: Input the applicable due date.
Action Items
  1. *OPTIONAL* Add attachment(s) applicable to the Advising Note.
    1. Select the Add Attachment button.
    2. Chose File then select the Upload button.
Attachments and Upload buttons
  1. When all fields are complete, select the Submit button.
Submit button
  1. If satisfied, select Yes on the warning message to save your note.
Warning Message

Note: The Advising Note has now been saved. If made accessible, the student can now review this note in their Student Center.

  1. *OPTIONAL* If desired, click Notify Advisee to send the student a notification of your Advising Note.
    1. Select the Notify Advisee button.
    2. Enter optional message and select the Send button.
Advisor Center tab - My Advisees
Notify Advisee page
  1. *OPTIONAL* The Advising Note can be updated by selecting the Update Note button.
Advising Notes page


John Maduta

Does the Update Note functions that is listed in Step 9 allow the original note to be edited (specifically in the free form text area)?

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