Add Instructor Assignment to Schedule of Class

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to add an instructor to the Instructor for Meeting Pattern section on the Meetings tab in Schedule of Class, review all class assignments for an instructor and make any necessary one time adjustments to the Weekly Contact Hours for a class. This is part of the Faculty Workload process steps.

Audience: Class Scheduling Staff


Main Menu > Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Maintain Schedule of Classes

Main Menu > Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes >Adjust Class Associations

Main Menu > Curriculum Management > Instructor/Advisor Information > Instructor Term Workload

  1. Search for an existing class in Maintain Schedule of Classes enter the following minimum search criteria:
    • Academic Institution: Enter the Institution or use the Look Up (e.g. WA220).
    • Term: Enter the Term or use the Look Up (e.g. 2163).
    • Subject Area: Enter the Subject or use the Look Up (e.g. ENGL).
    • Catalog Nbr:  Enter the Catalog Number or use the Look Up (e.g. 101).
Find an Existing Value
  1. Click Search.
  2. Click on the Meetings tab.
  3. Click Find in the Class Sections ribbon.
Meetings tab
  1. At the Enter Search String pop-up window, enter the Class Number.
  2. Click OK.
Enter search string
  1. In the Instructors for Meeting Pattern section, Assignment Tab:
    • ID: Enter the Empl ID of the instructor or use the Look Up.
      • In Look Up ID, enter the First/Last Name and click Look Up.
      • Click the ID of the instructor to populate the ID field.
    • Empl Rcd#: Enter the Empl Rcd Nbr or use the Look Up.
Employee Record Number

Note: When using the Employee Record Number (Empl Rcd#) Look Up multiple lines may appear for the same job.  These appear because there are more than one Effective Dated rows in Job Data. Since the Schedule of Class page is only seeking a number value, selecting any row with the correct Empl Rcd# will place the necessary value in the field.

  1. In the Instructors for Meeting Pattern section, Workload Tab:
    • Assign Type: Click the drop-down arrow and scroll down through the available Assignment Types to select the appropriate value.
    • Load Factor: Enter the percent of load for the instructor.  If the instructor is teaching the full load for the class, set the factor to 100.0000%.  If the instructor is team teaching, each instructor would have a portion of the full load of the class, for example, sharing 50% / 50%.  This factor can also be used to adjust the portion of load attributable to full time or moonlight, or can be used to reduce the payable load, such as limiting the contact hours for clinical to 2/3 of the total value of the class (or 66.6667% Load Factor).  Load Factor is only used when it is configured as part of the formula for calculation and may not apply to all contract types at all colleges.
      • If multiple instructors are added to a Meeting Pattern, use the Plus (+) symbol to add additional rows.  Complete steps 7 and 8 for each additional instructor.

Note: While the Load Factor can adjust the number of contact hours for an individual instructor, thereby reducing or increasing pay and FTE%, if the contact hours for the class are incorrect and need adjustment for a single class refer to the Quick Reference Guide on Adjusting FWL Contact Hours for a Class.

Workload tab
  1. When all entries have been made for all classes in the course, click Save.  There may be multiple warning messages related to other class numbers, even if they are not the class section you made the assignments on.  By clicking save, you are saving all class sections for that course.

Warning: If a class section (Class#) has multiple meeting patterns with the same instructor listed on more than one meeting pattern, only one Assignment Type will be picked up and calculated.  FWL does not support differing payment methodology for multiple meeting patterns on the same class number.  

Viewing Class Assignments in Instructor Term Workload

After assigning an instructor to all intended classes the simpliest way to view at a glance an instructor's schedule of classes, the Assign Types and Empl Rcd Nbr (Job Code) selected for each class assignment.  The Term Workload page displays all terms for which an instructor has classes or non-instructional assignments.

  1. To view an instructor's workload navigate to the term workoad search page and enter the following:
    • ID: Enter the Empl ID of the instructor or use the Look Up to search by name for the ID.
    • Academic Institution: Enter the institution or use the Look Up.
    • Name: Enter a portion the instructor's name, search criteria is in Last Name, First Name format.
  2. Click on the link for the desired record in the Search Results below.
Term Workload Search Criteria
  1. When multiple Terms of workload are displayed, to move to the correct Term:
    • Use the left/right arrows or the First/Last links to skip back and forth through the Term pages.
    • Use the View All link and scroll down to the correct Term.
    • Use the Find link and at the pop-up window, enter the Term (e.g. 2163).
Workload Definition
  1. The class that instructor was assigned to above displays on the Workload Assignment tab with the Assign Type used.
  2. The Empl Rcd# selected for the instructor assignment display on the Job Code tab.

The Assigned FTE % value on this Term Workload page is NOT related to Faculty Workload.  This value is part of the limited delivered Faculty Workload module within PeopleSoft, which has no relevance to the custom process developed for ctcLink.

Workload Definition

Note: The Instructor Term Workload page is used to add non-instructional/special assignments.  Refer the the Quick Reference Guide on Processing Non-Instructional Faculty Workload.