Adjusting FWL Contact Hours for a Class

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to make adjustments to the Instructor Contact Hours for a single class for a specific Term.  

Audience: Class Scheduling Staff

Navigation:  Main Menu > Curriculum Management > Instructor/Advisor Information > Instructor Term Workload

If the contact hours established at the Course Catalog level and inherited in the Class are a factor used in the FWL calculation formula and the Weekly Contact Hours associated must vary for a single class number, the value can be adjust on the Adjust Class Associations page.

  1. To view the Contact Hours associated with a class, in the Schedule of Class Page, on the Meetings tab click the Contact Hours link.
Contact Hours
  1. The Schedule of Classes - Instructor Contact Hours pop up window will display the Weekly Contact Hours as 'Course Contact Hours.'
  2. To close this pop-up window and return to Schedule of Class, click Return.
Instructor Contact Hours

Note: The Weeks of Instruction and Total Hours are not used in the Faculty Workload process, and may or may not align to the number of weeks used in your payment formula. These are PeopleSoft defaults and not part of the custom solution for faculty pay.

If you determine that the contact hours are not correct for a class, Best Practice is to contact the person at your college responsible for maintaining the Course Catalog and request an update or ensure that your payment practices and methods of instruction are in line with approved curriculum and State Board policy (see note below). Updating the catalog will ensure all future classes will be scheduled with the corrected number of contact hours.   Once the correction is made to the catalog, the classes already scheduled will require adjustment at the class level, as these classes have already had their hours inherited from the catalog prior to the update.  In cases of variable credit classes, individual class maintenance may be needed, without updates to the catalog to adjust the contact hours on an class-by-class basis. Refer to the Quick Reference Guide on Adjusting the Course Catalog Component for FWL for more information.

Note: Details on the State Board policy on instructor contact hours are found in Chapter 4 of the State Board Policy Manual.

  1. Navigate from the Schedule of Classes (SoC) page to the Adjust Class Associations page. The search criteria page will inherit the required search values from class if navigation is direct from SoC, otherwise enter the following in the search criteria:
    • Academic Institution:  Enter the institution (e.g. WA220) or use the Look Up.
    • Term: Enter the term (e.g. 2163) or use the Look Up.
    • Subject Area: Enter the subject (e.g. ENGL) or use the Look Up.
    • Catalog Nbr: Enter the catalog number (e.g. 101), remember that in PeopleSoft catalog numbers do not begin with zero.  
    • Academic Career: (optional) Select either Academic Career or Continuing Education from the drop down list.
    • Course ID: (optional) If the Course ID is known, enter this value and leave the Subject, Catalog Nbr and Career fields blank.
  2. Click Search.
Adjust Class Associations Find an Existing Value
  1. If more than one catalog entry matches the search criteria, the list of returned results will be displayed below the Search Criteria fields.  Click the link for the relevant class to enter the page.  If only one entry exists, the system will automatically open the page directly.
  2. On the Adjust Class Associations page, click the Class Components tab.
  3. In Class Sections, click Find to select and enter the Associated Class number, click the right/left arrow to page through until you find the association group that contains the relevant class number or click View All and scroll down to find the desired class.
Class Components tab

Warning: Classes are 'grouped' by Associated Class numbers.  All classes that are grouped together by a shared Associated Class number will be impacted by adjusting the contact hours in this page. Class associations are typially used group multi-component (e.g. lecture/lab) combinations together, but a unique Associated Class number can isolate an individual class section for the purposes of adjusting contact hours.

  1. Update the Contact hours value for the specific Component (e.g. Lecture) to adjust the Weekly Contact Hours, regardless of the hours entered on the Course Catalog.
  2. When updates are completed, click Save.

Note: Once adjustments are made, the FWL Calculation Process must be run, either online (recalculation) or using the FWL Calculation Process in batch. Refer to the Quick Reference Guide on FWL Calculation Processing (batch) for more information on running this process.