Handling Late Hires in FWL

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to add an instructor assignment in the Schedule of Class when their hire date is AFTER the start date of the term.  In that situation, the employee's job record is visible in Maintain Faculty Workload, but not accessible in the Schedule of Class for the terms with a start date before their hire date.

Audience: Class Scheduling Staff, HR\Payroll Staff

Navigation: Main Menu → Curriculum Management → Instructor/Advisor Information → Instructor/Advisor Table

Main Menu > Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Maintain Schedule of Classes

Main Menu → Curriculum Management → CTC Custom → Faculty Workload → Faculty Workload Transaction → Maintain Faculty Workload

Note: New hires still require an entry in the Instructor/Advisor table before being processed in Faculty Workload. Refer the the Quick Reference Guide on Adding an Instructor to the Instructor/Advisor Table if you need help.

Adding a Newly Hired Instructor in Schedule of Class

  1. In Schedule of Class, use the search feature to open the desired class and click on the Meetings tab.
  2. In the Instructors for Meeting Pattern section, on the Assignment Tab, enter the Empl ID of the instructor or use the Look Up to search by name.
  3. Also on the Assignment tab, leave the Empl Rcd# at zero, the system default.
    • Since the Job Data record hire date is after the Term Start Date, the Empl Rcd# Look Up will return no results, this can be updated once in Maintain Faculty Workload.
  4. Click the Workload Tab.
Instructors for Meeting Pattern

Note: Not sure how to run the FWL Calculation Process to load the FWL Grid? Refer to the Quick Reference Guide - FWL Calculation Process (Batch).

Override Employee Record Number in Maintain Faculty Workload

  1. After the FWL Calculation Process has been run to load the FWL Grid, navigate to the Maintain Faculty Workload page.
  2. In the HCM Position Job Summary section, the new job record will be visible and can be viewed in HCM.  
    • All job records for the configured Employee Classifications (FAC, PTF) are visible in 'real time' from HCM so long as the job is in an 'Active' HR status.
    • In order to send faculty pay to payroll, the payroll status must also be in an 'Active' status.
HCM Data Page tab

Note: If you look at the Job Data record, you will see that the Effective Date of the hire record is after the start of the term, which prevents seeing the job record from the delivered Schedule of Classes page.  If the instructor was hired after the start of the class you may need to prorate the contract pay. For information on prorating pay, refer to the Quick Reference Guide - Prorating Contracts for Instructor Late Starts or Early Departures.

Work Location tab
  1. Click on the FWL Grid tab.
  2. Make sure the Correct History button is clicked.
  3. On the FWL Grid page, click the Second tab.
  4. Check the Empl Rcd Override check box to open the next field for editing.
  5. Update the Empl Rcd Nbr field.
  6. Click Save.
FWL Grid Details
  1. Click on the HCM Data Page tab.
  2. Click the Recalc All button.
  3. At the 'Are you sure you want to Recalculate all the contracts?' message, click the Yes button.
  4. The system wait icon will appear in the upper, right hand corner of the screen.
  5. When the calculation is complete the screen will refresh and display a draft Pay Line and updated Calculation Results.
HCM Data Page tab
  1. Click the Calculation Results tab. Verify the results (FTE%, Pay, Term Contact Hours) are accurate for the student count.
  2. If Calculation Results are accurate, click on the HCM Data Page tab, and verify/update the Pay Line Earnings Code and Account Code (combo code) on the Second tab.
  3. After all lines have been updated, click Save.
  4. Once complete, move on to generating the online contract.

Note: Not sure how to run the FWL Contract Generation Process to generate the online contract/appointment letter? Refer to the Quick Reference Guide - FWL Contract Generation (Batch).