Managing Deleted Instructors in Faculty Workload

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for knowing when and how to properly manage Faculty Workload when an instructor has been deleted from Schedule of Class.

Audience: Class Scheduling Staff, HR\Payroll Staff


Main Menu > Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Maintain Schedule of Classes

Main Menu → Curriculum Management → CTC Custom → Faculty Workload → Faculty Workload Processing → FWL Calculation Process

Main Menu → Curriculum Management → CTC Custom → Faculty Workload → Faculty Workload Transaction → Maintain Faculty Workload

  1. Search for an existing class in Maintain Schedule of Classes enter the following minimum search criteria:
    • Academic Institution: Enter the Institution or use the Look Up (e.g. WA220).
    • Term: Enter the Term or use the Look Up (e.g. 2163).
    • Subject Area: Enter the Subject or use the Look Up (e.g. ENGL).
    • Catalog Nbr:  Enter the Catalog Number or use the Look Up (e.g. 101)
  1. Click Search.
  2. Click on the Meetings tab.
  3. Click Find in the Class Sections ribbon.
  1. At the Enter Search String pop-up window, enter the Class Number.
  2. Click OK.

In the Instructors for Meeting Pattern section, Workload Tab:

use the Minus (-) symbol to delete the rows.  

When all changes have been made for all classes in the course, click Save.  There may be multiple warning messages related to other class numbers, even if they are not the class section you made the assignments on.  By clicking save, you are saving all class sections for that course.

Warning: If a class section (Class#) has multiple meeting patterns with the same instructor listed on more than one meeting pattern, only one Assignment Type will be deleted.

After deleting the instructor from the class schedule; you need to Recalculate for the instructor in FWL page to reflect the changes that has been made. If you missed that step the class will remain on the Grid and it will not reflect the correct load for the instructor.

Note: For information on how to run the FWL Calculation Process to load the FWL Grid, refer to the Quick Reference Guide - FWL Calculation Process (Batch).