Contract Types Configuration

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for understanding how to establish the new and cloned pages needed for general configuration before you can begin processing anything related to Faculty Workload User Experience.

Audience: Class Scheduling Staff, HR\Payroll Staff

Navigation:  Main Menu > Set Up SACR > Product Related > Student Records > Curriculum Management > CTC Custom > Faculty Workload > FWL Setup > FWL Contract Type

In order to associate a Calculation Configuration to a specific type of contract you must first establish a Contract Type.  This Contract Type will then be entered into the Calculation Configuration page, and will appear in the HCM Data Contract Info section of the FWL Experience page.

  1. Navigate to the FWL Contract Type page.
  2. In the Search Criteria enter the following:
    • Academic Institution: Enter the institution code (e.g. WA171) or use the Look Up.
    • Contract Type: Enter the Contract Type (e.g. LEC ) or use the Look Up.
  3. Click Search.

Colleges will have configured for them the naming convention for each contract type.  These Contract Type codes will then be referenced in the FWL Calculation Configuration and drive the population of the Contract Type field in the HCM Contract Info grid.

Contract Type Tab: This page would define The Calculation Configuration, Formula, Speed Keys and Calc Result Page Layout.

  1. Enter Effective Date
  2. Enter Status
  3. Enter Description
  4. Enter Short Description
  5. Check Non-Instructional
  6. Check Visible for Speed Keys
  7. Check  Include Eligibility
Contract Type Setup tab

Non Instructional: (Special Assignment) will be selected for a non-teaching load to any instructor, example :( Advising, Meeting, Department Chair, Stipend, Special Project, Librarian, Counselors etc.…)

Visible for Speed Key:  If selected, then it’s going to be a required field for respective contract.

Contract Type Setup tab

Include Eligibility: If selected if the contract will be included toward benefits eligibility roll up FTE calculation. By in selecting the box the contract will not be included in the roll up FTE for the individual.

Contract Type Setup tab

Field Configuration Tab: This page will dynamically create a layout for Calculation configuration, Formula Configuration, Speed Keys and Calc Result Page per contract.

Certain FWL contract types can be excluded from generating FTE on the benefit eligibility page by modifying the configuration in FWL to ‘exclude’ a specific contract type from having the FTE added to the total FTE value on this page. Calculated contract types would be impacted (trigger recalculation) if checking the box after contracts have been calculated.

Contract Clause Tab: This page will dynamically create a layout in the Contract Template per contract.

Click Save.