Viewing Plan Attributes-09

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for viewing plan attributes in ctcLink.

Audience:  Benefits Administrators

Plan Attributes

Navigation:  Main Menu > Set Up HCM > Product Related > Plan Attributes

  1. Choose the type of plan you wish to review (retirement, health, etc.)

Depending on which plan type you choose there is a different set of options within the plan.

No Benefits Administrator should go into the Set Up HCM menu to perform configuration changes, so this QRG is provided for informational purposes only and not as a functional guide.

Plan Table Information for Benefits Administered by Pay1

  1. As Pay1 is the system of record for:  Health, Tabacco Surcharge (Simple Benefits), and Life (until 1/1/17 at which time it becomes a payroll deduction for MetLife), none of these Plan Tables contain much configuration.
Health Plan table
Simple Plan table
Life and Ad/D Plan table

Plan Table Information for Benefits Administered by PeopleSoft

  1. PeopleSoft is the system of record for: Savings, Spending (H S A, D C A, F S A), Retirement, and Disability benefits and as such more configuration exists for these Plans.
    • All Disability Plans are attached to either Formula LTD01 (Optional) or LTD00 (Basic) and all Salary Replacements are at 60%
    • The table for Spending is called “FSA Benefits Table” and the configuration for FSA, Dependent Care Assistance, and H S A, are all unique to those programs.  The H S A example is provided below.
    • Savings (457, 403(b)) plans have simple configuration as there is no employer match or rollover
    • Retirement Plans all have an employer match hard coded in except for the XXX_W values as they are there as a placeholder until the employee has decided on a plan.  They only use special accumulators: RT1 (PERS 1), TIA (all TIAA-CREF plans), or RT2 (every other plan/DRS).
Disability Plan table
Spending Accounts tab
Employee Limit on Investments tab
Retirement Plan table