Using DRS Calendars

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for how to understand the DRS calendar's relationship to jobs and payroll at a high level in ctcLink.

Audience:  Benefits Administrators, Payroll Administrators, HR Administrators

DRS Calendars

Navigation:  Main Menu > Set Up HCM > CTC Custom > DRS Calendar

  1. Custom tables were created in PeopleSoft to accommodate the need for a calendar that defines the actual number of hours worked in a day for an Empl Class as well as the number of days worked in a given month for the year:
  1. Every calendar number is unique to an Empl Class as well as a college in PeopleSoft, for instance here are calendar numbers associated with colleges and Empl Class:
  • Tacoma has:  Full-Time Faculty (01), Correctional Faculty (02), Part-Time Faculty (03)
  • Spokane has:  Faculty (01), Classified (02), Exempt (03), Summer Faculty (04), Part-Time Faculty (05)
  1. A college configuration specialist is expected to create new DRS Calendars prior to the Fiscal Year (though additional calendars could be required as the year progresses depending on need)4. To create a new DRS Calendar do the following:
  2. Select Add a New Value
  3. Select the appropriate Company
  4. Assign a Calendar ID (can only be 2 characters, should abide by your college’s naming convention)
  5. Select Add
  6. Select an Empl Class (should only be using FAC or PTF)
  7. Enter the Fiscal Year
  8. Enter a Description
  9. Enter Full Time Hrs/Day (for most FAC or PTF this will be 7, but differences in contracts exist)
  10. Enter the number of valid working days in each month for the DRS Calendar
  11. Select Save
  12. To add to an existing DRS Calendar select an existing Calendar ID from the Search window and simply press (+) in the upper right hand corner and enter the same information as creating a new DRS Calendar from Fiscal Year down.
  13. As many DRS Calendars should exist as needed (for example, if Faculty, Correctional Faculty, and Counselors all have different numbers of valid working days in a single month, then three different calendars must exist to serve each population)
DRS Calendar fiscal year section
Important DRS Calendar Questions on Hire or Program Change
  1. Is the employee retirement eligible?
    • SB1 or SB2: Yes, they might need a DRS Calendar
    • SB0: No, they do not need a DRS Calendar
  2. Is the employee in a DRS administered retirement plan?
    • 7Y or 7Z: Yes, they might need a DRS Calendar
    • 7X: No, they are in TIAA-CREF and do not need a DRS Calendar
  3. Is there a contract?

Are they FTF?

  • Contract Begin Date and Contract End Date will need to be filled into CTC Job Data.  Contract Begin Date should be the first day of the first valid Pay Period in which they will be paid.  Contract End Date should be the last day of the last valid Pay Period in which they will be paid.

Are the PTF?

  • No further entry in CTC Job Data is needed for DRS.  Contract Begin Date and Contract End Date will be retrieved from page FWL Employee Contract Data in Workforce Administration.

Any other EMPL CLASS?

  • No further entry in CTC Job Data is needed for DRS
  1. Is it paid through the Faculty Workload customization?
    • The FWL customization pays out contracts with standardized amounts at regular intervals and therefore does require the Job associated to have a Contract Begin and End date as well as a DRS Calendar. All PTF contracts and FTF Moonlight contracts paid through FWL need redistribution should the employee be enrolled in a DRS retirement plan.
  2. How do you want hours reported to DRS? (This is the core question!)
    • If you want a standard calculation, then they must have a DRS Calendar (Calendar Full Time Hrs/Day multiplied by Calendar Days in the month then divided by 2 because Payroll is semi-monthly)
    • If you want actual hours only, then they do not need a DRS Calendar (Hours sent will be actual hours as reported by Payroll)
    • Here is informatmion from DRS about how the calculation should be thought about for PTF

Note:  Classified and Exempt employees, barring exceptions, are typically calculated on Payroll actual hours and therefore typically do not need a DRS Calendar in their Job Data.  Hourly employees fill in positive time and should never need a DRS Calendar, DRS wants their time sheet information directly.  Facuty, Correctional Faculty and Part Time Faculty DO need a DRS Calendar, as well as Contract Begin and End Dates so that redistribution will happen accurately.

Redistribution and Termination
  1. Redistribution will only happen if DRS Calendar AND Contract Begin  AND End Date are  populated and are  present during the processing of the current Payroll period .

NOTE:  DRS can fine the college if there is an external audit and it is determined  that processes are not handling hours correctly.   Colleges should conduct regular internal audits of  CTC Job Data  to ensure these fields arepopulated both correctly, and  in a timely fashion.

Note that DRS can fine the college if there is an external audit and they conclude that processes are not handling hours correctly so regular internal audits of the CTC Job Data should happen to ensure these fields are populated together in a timely fashion.

  1. In the case of termination, if there is no Contract Begin & End Date but a DRS Calendar is referenced,  college HR staff must make a manual adjustment to match the actual as reported by Payroll.  If the adjustment is not made,  the calendar will take the “usual” ½ month pay period.
Assigning a DRS Calendar

Navigation:  Main Menu > Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data

  1. A custom page in Job Data was created to accommodate information not delivered PeopleSoft.  This is the tab named CTC Job Data, and is where the DRS calendar code should be entered.
  2. The field DRS Calendar should  be populated with the college specific DRS Calendar code that is outlined by the custom tables which were defined in the setup page
  • The DRS Calendar chosen must correspond with the Empl Class as defined on the delivered PeopleSoft field Empl Class, in the Job Information tab of Job Data