Enrolling an Employee in a Retirement Plan 9d

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for enrolling staff in a retirement plan in ctcLink.

Audience:  Benefits Administrators

Enrolling an Employee in a Retirement Plan

Navigation:  Main Menu > Benefits > Enroll in Benefits > Retirement Benefits

  1. You must know the EMPLID or name of the employee you want to enroll in the benefit, enter their ID in the Empl ID field.
  2. Click Search.
Find an Existing Value tab
  1. Confirm the employee is in a viable Benefit Program (if it says "403b/457 retire/tax dfer cont" (i.e. SB0) you will not be able to enroll them in the benefit)
  2. Click the lookup (magnifying glass) next to Plan Type at the top of the page and choose the desired option:
    7X - SBRP Retirement Plan TIAA-CREF
    7Y - Teacher's Retirement System WA
    7Z - Public Employees Retirement WA
  3. Enter the desired date for Deduction Begin Date (typically this will be for the first of the coverage month, but can vary according to college and payroll needs)
  4. Coverage Election should be Elect
  5. Election Date will default to the system date, so it must be changed to match the Deduction Begin Date:
    - This is particularly important for DRS administered plans. While an Election Date can be earlier than a Deduction Begin Date, it must never be later on an Elect action or else there will be data issues.

    - If an earlier date is desired in Election Date, this is also works

    - Retirement is the only enrollment screen in which Election Date must be changed purposefully  (Refer to Dates on Retirement Plan Pages QRG).
  6. Use the lookup to choose the desired Benefit Plan (selections will be locked to only ones valid to the Plan Type chosen)
  7. Click Save
Retirement plans page

Tables to Query for Retirement Information

Navigation:  Main Menu > Reporting Tools > Query > Query Manager

  1. The following tables can be used in query to access Retirement Information:
    - RTRMNT_PLAN (delivered PeopleSoft table)
    - CTC_DRS_TRANS (E-205 DRS Transmittal record, custom table)
    - CTC_DRS_DETAIL (E-205 DRS Transmittal Detail, custom table)
  2. For permanent queries in production, a query request must be sent to the service desk with as much detail included as can be provided by the requestor so that it can go through all needed query request protocols.  At that time the query request will be assigned to the query team and a team member will work directly with the requestor.
  3. For other information on retirement contributions, Payroll tables would need to be consulted, in which case the Payroll Administrator would need to be consulted.