Enrolling an Employee into Savings Plans 09

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for enrolling staff into Savings Plans in ctcLink.

Audience:  Benefits Administrators, Core HR Administrators

Enrolling an Employee into Savings Plans

Navigation:  Main Menu > Benefits > Enroll in Benefits > Savings Plans

  1. You must know the EMPLID or name of the employee you want to enroll, enter their ID in the Empl ID field.
  2. Click Search.
  3. Use the lookup to choose the desired Plan Type
    • Plan Type 46 is 403(b)
    • Plan Type 49 is Section 457
  4. If there is a previously saved row, then it will be necessary to add a row in the Coverage sub-tab by clicking the (+) button on the right hand side of the screen.
  5. Enter Coverage Begin Date, Deduction Begin Date, and Election Date
    • Coverage Begin Date will depend on the business process of your college, but will typically match the Deduction Begin Date
    • Deduction Begin Date is when you want Payroll to begin looking at the screen in order to determine if a deduction will be taken from a pay period’s check.  This will typically be the first day of a viable pay period.
    • Election Date will depend on the business process of your college and will either represent the day the employee chose the plan or the day that the Benefit Admin entered the information into PeopleSoft
  6. Use the radio button to select Elect
    • Waive will never be used for this Benefit, only Elect and Terminate
  7. Use the lookup to choose the Benefit Plan
    • For each Plan Type there is only one Benefit Plan possible to choose, but it must be entered here
  8. In the Before Tax Investment or After Tax Investment boxes, enter either the Flat Amount or the Percent of Earnings as needed according to the employee’s choice.
  9. Click Save.
  10. From the Assign all Beneficiaries button and below, there is no other entry needed on this page.  Beneficiaries, Investments, and Rollover Options are not configured in our PeopleSoft system at this time.
Savings Plans page

Limits for Savings Plans

Navigation: Main Menu > Set Up HCM > Product Related > Base Benefits > Rates and Rules > Limit Table

Limits for Savings Plans are contained in configuration and maintained by SBCTC as needed.

Limit tables, as they are configuration, are not accessible by college Benefits Administrators. If there is a question or concern regarding them in production a Benefits Admin should always send a ticket through the Service Desk.

Limit Table section