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Creating/Maintaining U.S. and Foreign Citizenship Credentials

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for adding U.S. and foreign citizenship credentials for the purposes of the I-9 form (i.e. , Passport, Visa, etc).

Audience: HR Specialists and HR Administrators

Entering PASSPORT Information

Navigation: Main Menu>Workforce Administration>Personal Information>Citizenship>Identification Data

  1. Enter the Empl ID.
  2. Click Search.
Find an Existing Value tab
  1. On the Citizenship/Passport Tab:
    • Select a Country
    • Select a Citizenship Status
    • Enter the Passport Number (15 characters max)
    • Select/Enter the Issue Date
    • Select/Enter the Expiration Date
    • The Country field will default the country selected above, change if needed.
    • Select/Enter a State
    • Enter a City (30 characters max)
    • Enter the Authority (50 characters max)
    • Enter a comment in the Comment box, if necessary
Citizenship/Passport tab
  1. On the Visa/Permit Data Tab:
    • Enter/Select the Country
    • Enter/Select the Type
    • The Effective Date will default to today's date, change if needed
    • Enter a Duration (numerical)
    • Select the Type of Duration
    • Enter the Issue Date
    • Enter the document Number
    • Enter the Date of Entry into the Country
    • Enter the Expiration Date
    • Enter the Issuing Authority (50 characters max)
    • Enter the Issue Place (30 characters max)
    • Click Save
Visa/Permit Data tab
  1. On the Employee Photo Tab
    • Click on the Add button (this will prompt you to upload an existing file)
Employee Photo tab
  • Choose the appropriate file (should be a jpeg copy of the Employee's Passport picture which should have been copied)
  • Select the file
  • Click Upload
File Attachment section
  • Click Save

Note: This is also where you can keep a photocopy of the Driver's License

Employee Photo tab

HELPFUL TIP:  To update any of this information (new expiration dates, etc.), click the [+] to add a new effective dated row.

For auditing expiration of these credentials, use the QHC_HR_JOB_VISA_EXP query. Contact your local Security Administrator for access to Query Manager.

You have successfully added U.S. and foreign citizenship credentials!!!


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