Inactivating a Combo Code

Purpose:  Use this document to inactivate a combo code in ctcLink.

Audience:  Finance.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Set Up HCM > Common Definitions > Chartfield Configuration > Combination Code Table

  1. Select the Find an Existing Value tab.
  2. Enter Set ID and GL Combination to be inactivated.
  3. Select the Search button.
Find an existing value tab
  1. Identify the resulting information as being the Combination Code to be deleted.
  2. Select the Correct History button (at bottom of page).

Note: The default effective date will be 01/01/1901 – if the combo code shouldn’t have been created and hasn’t been used, leave the date as 01/01/1901 when inactivating the combo code.  If the combo code has been used for past transactions and is no longer active, enter the effective date when it will no longer be used.

  1. Change pull down Status to "Inactive".
  2. Select the Save button.
Combination code detail section

The combo code is now inactive but can be reviewed by running either a query or a PAY760 report.

Instructions for Running a PAY760 Report

Navigation:  Main Menu > Set Up HCM > Common Definitions > Chartfield Configuration > Combination Code Report

  1. Create a new Run Control ID by clicking on the Add a New Value tab and entering in a description name for the Run Control, OR access an already created Run Control by clicking on the Find an Existing Value tab.
  2. Select the Search button (for existing Run Control ID) or Add (for new Run Control ID).
Find an existing value tab
Combination code report section
  1. The Combination Code Report should be check marked.
  2. Select the OK button.
Process Scheduler Request page

The run number should appear below the Process Monitor title.

Process list tab
  1. Select the Process Monitor link to review the progress of the Run Control.  Once is says "Success" in the Run Status column and "Posted" in the Distribution Status, the PAY760 report can be reviewed.
Process list tab
  1. Select the Go back to Combination Code Report link.
Go back to combination code report section
  1. Select the Report Manager link.
  2. Select the Administration tab.
  3. Select the Report Description link.
Administration tab

The report is a PDF file which can be searched for the combo code.

Press Ctrl+F to find the old combo code to be inactivated (The combo code is the third field on the first line of an entry).

NOTE:  The field stating it is "I" for Inactive is next to the combo code number

  1. When using Ctrl+F, enter the Combo Code number.
Find combo code section
Report example

Additional Information:  At the beginning of a new year, in which there are large volumes of entries, ERP Support can execute a mass upload rather than college staff entering each line.  The same is true for mass inactivations for expired combo codes. 


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