Performing a Search Match - 05d

Purpose: Use this document as a reference to search for an existing Employee ID (Empl ID); to avoid duplicate entries in ctcLink.

Audience: Human Resources Specialist 

Search Match Functionality is used during the New Hire business process to verify an EMPLID/SSN does not already exist in either the HCM or Campus Solutions environments prior to the Hire.

Therefore, it is important that you do not skip this search/match process in order to prevent multiple Empl IDs for one employee. Note that personal data is not visible for verification until after the Hire process has been completed.

Search Match Process

Navigation:  Main Menu > Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Search Match Internal/External

  1. Begin by navigating to the Search Match page (navigation above).  
  2. In the Search Type field, select Person
  3. In the Search Parameter field, select PSCS_TRADTIONAL
  4. Click Search
Find an Existing Value tab
  1. In the Search Result Code field, click the lookup icon
  2. Select the PSCS_TRAD_RESUL option
Search Criteria section
  1. Enter the First Name, Last Name, and National ID Search Values.
  2. Click the Search button. Based on your Results you will have two options: A or B

Note: You can search by entering the First Name and Last Name only OR the National ID only, but it is best to enter at least 3 Search Values in order to activate the Search button.

Search Criteria

A:  If a potential match is not found a Message box will appear stating that your Search Criteria did not return any results.

  1. Click OK. Search Match is complete.
  2. Navigate to the Add A Person page (refer to QRG titled Adding a New Employee and a Job Instance
Message window

B:  If a potential match is found the Search Results Page will appear.

Search Results page
  1. Click on the Results 2 tab, to verfity the National ID (SSN).
  2. Copy the Empl ID.
  3. Click Reteurn to Search Criteria
  4. Search Match complete.
Search Results Results 2 tab
  1. Navigate to the Modify a Person page to verifiy the Biographical Information is correct. (Navigation: Main Menu>Workforce Administration>Personal Information>Modify A Person. To make changes refer to the Modify A Person QRG

IMPORTANT: For Hiring, after completing step 5 above (Modify A Person), follow steps for Adding a New Employee Instance to assign Job Data

You have successfully performed a Search/Match!!!!


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