Creating a Supervisor ID Mass Update

PURPOSE: Use this document as a reference to change the Supervisor ID in Job Data, from one Empl ID to another for a group of employees.

AUDIENCE: Human Resource Specialists and/or Human Resource Administrators

Navigation: Main Menu  > Workforce Administration > CTC Custom > CTC Processes > Supervisor ID Mass Update

  1. Click the Add New Value tab. (This step is strictly for the first run; after that you may use this new run control).
  2. Create a Run Control (something unique and easy to remember).
  3. Click the Add button.
Add a New Value tab
  1. Select the appropriate Company.
  2. Enter/Select the Effective Date for the Job Data Insert.
  3. Select the appropriate Action for the Job Data Record.
  4. Select the appropriate Reason (optional but highly recommended).
  5. Enter/Select the appropriate From Supervisor ID.
  6. Enter/Select the appropriate To Supervisor ID.
  7. Select the appropriate Department (if applicable).

WARNING: The system WILL NOT create/insert a new row for an employee with an effective dated row that is greater than the date entered in step #5; or if the employee has an Expected Job End Date less than the effective date in step #5.

Should an employee have a future dated row greater than the effective date entered in step #5; a manual entry will need to be created Job Data.  Additionally, if an employee has an Expected Job End Date that is less than the date entered in step #5; a manual entry will need to be created in Job Data.

Be sure to check your report results for validation.

This process WILL create an effective dated sequence for multiple actions with the same effective date.

Process Request Parameters section
  1. Click Run, to activate the process request.
  2. Click OK.
Process Scheduler Request section
  1. Click the Process Monitor hyperlink to view the progress of the request.
Process Monitor hyperlink
  1. Click Refresh until the Run Status changes to Success and the Distribution Status changes to Posted.
  2. Click the Go back to Supervisor ID Mass Update hyperlink.
Process List section
  1. Click the Report Manager hyperlink.
Report Manager hyperlink
  1. Click the  CTC_SUPV_AE report link.
List tab
  1. Click the SUPERVISOR_MASS_UPDATE hyperlink to view the actual results. (A separate window will appear containing the results. It is best to save or print these results for validation).
File List section
  1. Save the report (PDF file)
  2. Select an employee on the report
  3. Navigate to Job Data to validate the update

NOTE: You should ALWAYS VALIDATE your data at the end of this process. Select a few individuals from the results list to validate in Job Data.  (Navigation: Main Menu >  Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data)

Remember to look for those employees with a future dated row greater than the date selected for this process. Those employees will need to be updated manually.

Congratulations you have successfully created a Supervisor ID Mass Update!!!!


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