Tracking Military Service Information

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference to enter criteria to locate the person for whom military information needs to be recorded.

Audience:  HR Specialists

Navigation:  Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Biographical > General Availability MIL

  1. Enter the Empl ID in the search field.  Select search.
  2. At the General Availability MIL page, use this page to enter details of the service member's availability.  Use this page to also enter a compulsory retirement date, if applicable.
  3. Identify whether this member is ready for deployment in the Deployment field.  When a user selects No or Limited, in the Deployment List the Deployment Reason field appears.  
  4. If the service member is not deployable, enter the reason in the Deployment Reason field.
  5. Identify whether this member is available for reassignment.  When a user selects No or Limited, the Reassignment Reason field appears.
  6. If applicable, select a Reassignment Reason to track why the military member is either unavailable for reassignment or is available only in a limited capacity in the Reassignment Reason field.
  7. Click the Save button.
  8. End of procedure.
General Availability MIL page